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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Commanders, My league has been discussing the idea of having Beginner Leagues in the game that support new players and those with a basic understanding of the way things work but possibly lack to knowledge of how important it is to contribute to their league even if its in some small way. In turn this promotes activity and also gives the new player a hunger to be active before, during and after the battlefield. With the help of JoyCrafter and also the bigger more established leagues we are hopeful that we can have a handful of new leagues become the starting point for those who have just left cadets but are still not ready for the big leagues. This would limit the amount of members taking up precious space in these A1 leagues and such leagues could work in syndicate with the Beginners Leagues to poach players who have proved their metal in the league and also on the battlefield. Both myself, my league and JoyCrafter would appreciate any help and input in establishing this as a key role in the games future. Thanks for listening BrotherGrimm - DeathSquadElite
  2. New weapons III: Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber: lvl. 12 munition factory, 20 min. training time, behaves as regular aircraft but when it attack it dives, attacks, lifts up then escapes. It is undetectable during the dive. but has less damage and health then a bomber.
  3. Hi everyone. Im pretty new to this game, though i have been playing for a few days so I understand the general idea of the game. This game is amazing imo, with alot of focus on land, sea and air vehicles however, there is not much focus on infantry. So i have some suggestions. Please consider these Medic infantry, heals nearby infantry units Engineer infantry, heals nearby tanks Machinegun infantry, deals more damage versus other infantry, but deals less versus vehicles and tanks Rocket infantry, deals good amount of damage versus tanks and vehicles, but cant hit other infantry Mortar infantry, has massive range and good damage against most land units but is incredibly slow and takes a minute or two to set up like the anti tank cannons These are just a few suggestions, feel free to ignore them but it would be cool if these could be introduced
  4. The seperation of the seas makes it difficult for people on the other side to artillery spam or tanks spam you and makes bombers less useful. And all those respurces??????
  5. I had already brought up this idea on a separate thread but I know everyone has been thinking about some fresh content that could change up play styles. I was thinking rather than just have this single European theatre map, there could also be a Pacific theatre one as well which would focus more on naval and island warfare? It's a far off topic but I think it's something I can see the developers implementing in the future that could make this game over the top. If there would be a pacific theatre map. Of course there's have to be a lot of new units and upgrades. Gotta have the aircraft carriers. But upgrades for tanks and infantry like flamethrowers? They're not necessarily needed now but if there were defensive positions like bunkers and trenches that could be constructed by infantry(i.e. construction upgrade), it would definitely give a huge boost to the usefulness and importance to infantry. Victory point objectives would have to change. No SS but Imperial Japanese objectives like aircraft carrier hunting in the ocean(Tigers) also certain islands would be strongholds that would be a challenge to destroy(replace the SS HQ) Then also to throw a little more diversity, there could be Strategic Airforce and naval bases that would give advantages to those that hold them. Making them hotspots for confrontation and encouraging competition. It would be a challenge to stick about 200 players in a world with mostly water though so that'd still be an issue. Especially with scarce villages and limited population but that could limit people from amassing a lot of ships at the same time. Thoughts and ideas to expand upon this? I'd like to hear more of what other people think. Have solutions to some obvious faults? Reply
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