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Found 16 results

  1. Did anyone notice that on troop information screens, the stat attack vs submarines is displayed? So far all of them are blank. I wonder how joycity will balance submarines
  2. Hey guys so Two issues we are facing for now from new update are: 1) Transport planes like Gigs or others are showing loaded troops in them even after emptying. They don't go away and it's very annoying. 2) Diplomacy request never go away even after you decline or accept them. That's been like this even before the new update. 3) The building in your city are dissapering but only few people have reported it like 2 to 3 so if anyone else facing this issue please confirm in this post. This issue has been reported to me from over 20 players plus I been also facing these two
  3. QAR

    Non lc new troop

    So after some testing and some reading. I like the new troop however it does not work as advertised...it is both aoe vs ground and air. I personally would leave it alone for a bit, but be working on a fix if it actually breaks the game
  4. QAR

    Non lc new troop

    So after some testing and some reading. I like the new troop however it does not work as advertised...it is both aoe vs ground and air. I personally would leave it alone for a bit, but be working on a fix if it actually breaks the game
  5. Hey everyone, it has recently been brought to our attention that there is a glitch with Officer Harold Alexander. His stat boost are supposed to be only for self propelled AA guns (whirblewinds) and AA guns (bofors). However, self propelled artillery are also affected by this officer's stat boost and receives the speed boost, ammunition boost, and the range boost as well. This is unintended and should be fixed in the upcoming developing version. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  6. Hello Commanders, We have been made aware of a glitch with the in-game tactical card displaying unusual characters and that any points that are purchased may not be applied. Because of the unusual characters and not knowing what is being done when pressing the buttons, there may be cases where you are charged diamonds/amethysts. (We will look into this and anyone who happened to use diamonds or amethysts without knowing what was being done and noticing your tactical points are not being applied, we will cross reference our logs and reimburse you accordingly.) This may be a si
  7. Hey everybody, We are aware of broken chats while in the queuing room for a battlefield that was introduced into this V1.0.31 update. One of the issues that is known is when attempt to chat in Battlefield chat, the game crashes and happens when trying to join a new battlefield. Chat glitches and closes the game out. We should have a new patch update available soon to fix this issue. We are also aware of some re-occurring issues with chat still happening: Group chat working better than Private chat, Red dot when no one has replied still displayed and will not disappear and receiving
  8. Attention to all iOS users, those of you who have been experiencing the recent chat issue, a new update is available. Please go to the app store and download the update. Thanks again for all of your help and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!
  9. What it be possible to add separate English speaking maps some maps that I have play recently had Russian and Asian players.
  10. How long is this damn update going to take it was supposed to end at 5am pst and here it is now 10:42am pst our damn troops are going to die
  11. The seperation of the seas makes it difficult for people on the other side to artillery spam or tanks spam you and makes bombers less useful. And all those respurces??????
  12. One thing I noticed as a recently is the Chinese leagues have a seemingly endless playtime which leads me to believe some account sharing is going on. As with other games I have played this is actually fairly common for them to do, and a completely BS tactic. I suggest you find a way to lock an account to specific device or find players with unrealistic playtimes and simply issues bans. 1 player on 1 account vs 4 players on 1 account, who's going to win? Certainly not the guy playing right and fair. May want to find a fix before you lose the dedicated fan base you have built in a wonderful gam
  13. After some consideration I've decided resources are unevenly deployed. Some maps have lots of oil and no rubber, some have lots of rubber and no oil. Could we balance it like 50/50?
  14. I believe resource zones especially ones with rubber and oil, are a rarity. I think you should either make more rubber and oil resource zones or make all resource zones have oil, rubber, and steel.
  15. First of all, I want to say that over all this game still rocks. Now to get to my assessment of the new changes. Hopefully I can give you feedback that will help in the further improvement of this game. I am currently a medical provider in the US Army. As a medical provider I have to diagnose different ailments based on what should be right and how a patient is presenting. In a way it is sort of like what programmers have to do when approaching changes to a game. 1) what are the chief complaints, 2) what are the probable causes for the complaints and 3) what are the possibl
  16. When is the new update to Golden Empires coming out? What changes are being made?
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