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Found 13 results

  1. Suggestions from players who play in 2021 and up to better the game.
  2. Did anyone notice that on troop information screens, the stat attack vs submarines is displayed? So far all of them are blank. I wonder how joycity will balance submarines
  3. Hey guys so Two issues we are facing for now from new update are: 1) Transport planes like Gigs or others are showing loaded troops in them even after emptying. They don't go away and it's very annoying. 2) Diplomacy request never go away even after you decline or accept them. That's been like this even before the new update. 3) The building in your city are dissapering but only few people have reported it like 2 to 3 so if anyone else facing this issue please confirm in this post. This issue has been reported to me from over 20 players plus I been also facing these two issues. Like always I confirmed these issues before reporting to make sure it's not only few people? It's affecting most us. Thank you.
  4. So after some testing and some reading. I like the new troop however it does not work as advertised...it is both aoe vs ground and air. I personally would leave it alone for a bit, but be working on a fix if it actually breaks the game
  5. So after some testing and some reading. I like the new troop however it does not work as advertised...it is both aoe vs ground and air. I personally would leave it alone for a bit, but be working on a fix if it actually breaks the game
  6. What it be possible to add separate English speaking maps some maps that I have play recently had Russian and Asian players.
  7. How long is this damn update going to take it was supposed to end at 5am pst and here it is now 10:42am pst our damn troops are going to die
  8. The seperation of the seas makes it difficult for people on the other side to artillery spam or tanks spam you and makes bombers less useful. And all those respurces??????
  9. One thing I noticed as a recently is the Chinese leagues have a seemingly endless playtime which leads me to believe some account sharing is going on. As with other games I have played this is actually fairly common for them to do, and a completely BS tactic. I suggest you find a way to lock an account to specific device or find players with unrealistic playtimes and simply issues bans. 1 player on 1 account vs 4 players on 1 account, who's going to win? Certainly not the guy playing right and fair. May want to find a fix before you lose the dedicated fan base you have built in a wonderful game. Just my thoughts seeing as how I have watched other games that were amazing fall apart and would hate to be moving this game to my deleted list, I would also not rather not spend a $400+ in a single battlefield fighting enemies like this. Actually you can probably see my purchases where I have in the past. Just my .02
  10. After some consideration I've decided resources are unevenly deployed. Some maps have lots of oil and no rubber, some have lots of rubber and no oil. Could we balance it like 50/50?
  11. I believe resource zones especially ones with rubber and oil, are a rarity. I think you should either make more rubber and oil resource zones or make all resource zones have oil, rubber, and steel.
  12. First of all, I want to say that over all this game still rocks. Now to get to my assessment of the new changes. Hopefully I can give you feedback that will help in the further improvement of this game. I am currently a medical provider in the US Army. As a medical provider I have to diagnose different ailments based on what should be right and how a patient is presenting. In a way it is sort of like what programmers have to do when approaching changes to a game. 1) what are the chief complaints, 2) what are the probable causes for the complaints and 3) what are the possible solutions. The first step to a solution is to gather data, there are two types of data, subjective and objective. Subjective data is things that is opinion or how one perceives something i.e. On a scale of 1 - 10 how much pain are you in. Or like in this game it would be; "This rating system sucks. So as for the one who has to figure out the problem they would then have to find the perspective of the person with the complaint. So instead of saying "On a scale of 1 - 10 how much pain are you in,"you would say "How much pain are you in right now zero being no pain at all and ten being the worst pain you have ever felt in your life." Let's say the person says his pain level is an 8. The next question you need to ask is, "What is the worst pain you have ever felt?" This person's answer will then put the problem into a perspective for the person trying to find a solution. If the person complaining said his worst pain was when he sprained his ankle in high school vs someone saying he was blown up by an IED and lost both his legs in Afghanistan, the one solving the problem would then have a very good idea of the urgency of the pain. The problem is, the guy who sprained his ankle is the one making the most noise. Next is Objective data, now this is the best kind of data. It is data that can be seen. Let's keep the same two people as an examples to explain objective data. You approach the one who sprained his ankle and he says, "This is the worst pain I have felt in my life." For the problem solver to diagnose the injury he must rely on the word of the person complaining because the outward signs of a twisted ankle sometimes are very minimal. But now he approaches the person blown up by an IED does he really need to ask where he is hurting. No of course not because his leg is halfway down the street. This is Objective data. Please do not think I am being disrespectful by using these analogies because I am not. My best friend lost his leg in Afghanistan and he would agree with everything I am saying right now. So how do we separate the true problems from the whiners? What is our objective data. Well I will tell you what I use. You have all these guys talking trash on main chat about how great they are because they are in first. They have all their medals showing in all their glory. These medals are as follows; the "I named myself" medal (in my opinion, some people shouldn't get because their name sucks). Next they sport the "I spent diamonds" medal because it has the pretty blue in it and people will notice. Then comes the "I formed a league medal", and lastly the "I sent a friend invite to everyone in battle chat in the cadet game" medal. So I look next at the commander profile and he is sporting a wapping 2.2 kill ratio and a average score screaming in at about 35,000 from around 4-6 games with 1 victories and 0 championships. Then after you go over and crush his Capitol after he said there was nothing I could do about all his trash talking because he was to far away from me; (so I flew 40 strategic bombers 1 hour and 45 min on a one way trip to level his Capitol because I didn't care if I lost them I had the production capacity to replace them), he whines and cries about how lame I am because I only use League City armaments. Now with the new personal ranking system, this is the guy who is getting the 1200 gems, 5000 gold and 500 XP a day reward for being in first place. The objective guy is the one you only see on battle chat answering legitimate questions from players who are actively trying to learn the game, sport no medals because he hasn't earned any worth showing yet, has a record of 6 battles, 4 victories, 3 championships, 15.9 kill ratio (kinda low been doing a lot of PVP lately) and an average score of 177347.5. Now this guy probably knows a little about strategy. Sun Tzu said "Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise you hear before defeat." He is probably also not someone who is taking a break from "FarmVille" trying to get his yearly dose of testosterone so he can get it up before his anniversary and hopefully put a smile on mamma's face before he loses her indefinitely to the pool guy. And all the players who agree with me say A Man. So why did I go into all this to tell you my analysis of the new update. In medicine it is called over medicating. This is very dangerous and could lead to more problems then not medicating at all. You made too many changes to try and get the same result. If more PvP was one of the perspective goals then all you needed to do was the default diplomatic change. It would have accomplished more than all of them combined. It solved the dropping from a league and switching to neutral crap the aforementioned FarmVillians would do to stop an attack on them. The four hour wait time is just stupid. And created more problems than it solved. Plus what's the point of waiting 4 hours when you are not in a battlefield? It benefits no one and is a huge pain in the you know what. The rating change to cities, Who was asking for that....FarmVillians? It's stupid, at the very least it's stupid for personal ranking. Was it a fix to have more PvP? Again default diplomatic status was enough of a fix. Over medicating, treatment at a time is the best plan of action to solving problems. If not you now don't know what the true cure was. In this case there was no cure just more complications. Since the update our league hasn't built one single Monument, why bother with such a crucial element of winning a long term strategy game when lame brain FarmVillians can win by capturing cities with their 35,000 average score, and get all the rewards. If you want true competition, match up battlefields by Average score i.e.90,000 or higher, not hours played. Keep the children in the playground while the real men go off to War. Last bad change, the time voting system really, really bad. Go back to declaring victory, please. Sorry I was so long winded, but I will end on a good note. The changes I love are "Command Center" and the ability to purchase flags. Level 10 cities giving bonus troops, and of course default diplomatic status of hostile. Hopefully you see this as a way of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to future changes to game play. Also please only look at one major rule change at a time as a way of problem solving. Get with your big time players or use data mining techniques to find players with the right statistics to take surveys from. Thanks for your time. This game is great. It is one of a kind when it comes to getting true war gamers looking for strategic competition, but if you keep tinkering with it you will lose the good ones and have just another boom beach.
  13. When is the new update to Golden Empires coming out? What changes are being made?
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