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Found 5 results

  1. Sister Leagues Pros: Helps with capturing LCs Additional teammates can join map Alts can scout maps Alts are played when main league is busy or not active Players feel safer in a crowd. They dont lose cities if they have multiple sisterleagues to help protect them. Cons: Leagues like Chinese and Godz jump in with multiple sister leagues, resulting in no fights on map. Recent godz map had 80+ Godz on Blitz, Chinese had over 10 Leagues on Same map. Ruins the maps for other players that dont feel like they have a chance to compete. They may gem up cities fast, but with jo fights on the map the amount they spend the rest of the days is limited. Sister leagues create a feeling that top leagues must use overwhelming numbers to win rather than actually learning how to fight better. Tactics spam can be overwhelming to smaller leagues. Recommendations: Limit number of leagues you can ally to three. Three allows you to ally your alts and to ally one other league Allow unlimited ndividuals to ally. This allows for new players to ally a league, but players won't stay out of a league just to ally, the benefits of the league are more than the benefits of unlimited individual ally. Slayer173
  2. Hello Commanders, My league has been discussing the idea of having Beginner Leagues in the game that support new players and those with a basic understanding of the way things work but possibly lack to knowledge of how important it is to contribute to their league even if its in some small way. In turn this promotes activity and also gives the new player a hunger to be active before, during and after the battlefield. With the help of JoyCrafter and also the bigger more established leagues we are hopeful that we can have a handful of new leagues become the starting point for those who have just left cadets but are still not ready for the big leagues. This would limit the amount of members taking up precious space in these A1 leagues and such leagues could work in syndicate with the Beginners Leagues to poach players who have proved their metal in the league and also on the battlefield. Both myself, my league and JoyCrafter would appreciate any help and input in establishing this as a key role in the games future. Thanks for listening BrotherGrimm - DeathSquadElite
  3. Bringing this to attention as I've never seen this being discussed . I watched a YouTube video called "top ten war games on iOS and android" , and was blown away that this wasn't listed . That may be because that person has no idea that this game is out there . I am looking for suggestions on what members/ leagues/ devs / GM's/ can do to put this out there more , me personally I'm not into social media , however I have tons of friends that also like war games , word of mouth is obviously a good choice . However I'm thinking about getting a screen recorder and putting videos on YouTube , that will allow a lot of ppl to see what this game is really like based on the trailer . Not only would it bring more players to the table , more players to make great leagues , but it also helps the game staff by more ppl paying for gems / Amy's . I know this game could get a huge fan base and following simply because this game is ********** awesome !!!!!! And everyone knows it , don't get me wrong this last update is a lil screwy but bare with them it will be fixed and optimized . That is my suggestion anyway , I would like to know what others think ? And would like to know other ideas on getting this out there more , thanks ! Update: My YouTube channel is set up , will update it regularly and add new videos when I can ! Pls subscribe https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3Yu8vfFNE7xZF-7lCeyE5w JaiJai , Officer of Wolfpack
  4. Defending the game needs more defense Bunkers oh buildings to protect oh borders and,the coast like in the real war and we need more weapons when you have the Kathyusha nothing more, the game becomes boring there is nothing different ever ... should have more more more excitement defense bunkers, the soldiers when you have a high level will no longer sirben anything just to raisined and boring
  5. I would like to start a thread for recognizing outstanding game play and bad guy props: please feel free to leave comments on you OPFOR (opposing forces) or Allies Today's enemy Tomorrow's Allies: Props to our primary foe in Global Battle, the RedDevils, being our first GB and a true learning the game experience, I appreciate the help, and occasionally painful experiences taught. Smile boys and wait for the flash.....
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