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World Warfare
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  2. 1. humiliatingly small daily reward (marketing, you need to sell more bags of amethysts) 2. the reward at the end of the fieldis less than on the naval fields (marketing, get people to play on ships and sell them naval officers) otherwise it is not bad field, but if I could choose, I'll choose global. handing out a chest at the end of the field with random rewards was a good idea. bring this idea back. name: KURSK
  3. I think it’s pretty good. Love this game
  4. Yesterday
  5. I love add buff Hope to have a permanent skin ID954126
  6. The rss is slow, not enough oil for the players.
  7. GenoCyde


    why can't I chat in my game?
  8. Last week
  9. You need to drop those level5 shield time by the way why you give level 12 city but under shield ? And what the utility of a level 12 city with level 7 muni? It a bit useles either you can kill a level 12 and got at leadt a levwl 10 muni or die trying.my 2nd share on a post ans still dont get any reward even if i put my id is 500788
  10. If you end up having having a lot of officers it can get very chaotic trying to figure out which more niche ones you need specially if you're mismatching a few and some look very similar. The Squad system is nice but is very linear and you don't always know if you're going to spend amethyst that game to unlock more Officer slots for that battleground. So only works for a base set of 5. I feel its a very easy fix to make it. Make it so each one has a value or 2 representing what they are aka Economy, Tanker, Airman, Cannoneer, Navy, and Building. A lot of the Economy ones also duo as a Cannoneer or whatever it might be which is where the ones with multiple values would come from. Then simply make an officer tab you can choose which officers group to view. Now I know some players won't have this issue as obviously the longer you play the more familiar you will get with each face but I don't think that is a good enough reason also even for those people who knows each face it will still make it easier for them as well being able to lower the amount of officers you have to sift through.
  11. This map is going to the right direction, especially with SS tigers being put on hold, and speed at 1.5x. However, need to bring this map back to its original scale. Need to allow at least 200 players, and 20 team size, and maybe reduce time to vote to 4 days. With these changes, active players may come back to play again
  12. DarkAngel, #178. interesting. I do like that there is finally something for airman to get excited about, but spread the wealth. The only thing different in the new map is higher level rebel cities.I’ve seen though that rather than keeping them, new eateries spawn into these cities. Also, no permanent skins are awarded.
  13. I have not played the game in a few months as I got bored with 1/3 full maps and either crushing the enemy or getting crushed by large groups. My ID number should tell you something about how long I have been around. I started this map yesterday for first time and Think map has some very good ideas, but needs some more thought. Smaller number of players per map is great in my opinion, with rebel city shields this does allow most people to,join and survive atleast the first day or so, even if solo, but I would like to see this map only allow tac help,from league mates not allies. This would limit the alt account use from battle support, which we all know has become standard for anyone over 3k hours in the game. Everyone uses them so let’s just admit that.. this would make alt use less attractive other than to,cap a city prior to shields expiring for rebels. Good idea here and nice to see some thought being put into the game, you all really need a publicity push tho to attract more players. I think right now you got the same 1000 or so people playing all the time and the rest of us just cannon fodder.. keep,digging and working Nice to see. Thanks for the efforts BlueMingo ID 38318
  14. The map fills are atrocious now the level 5s need to be sooner also we need a guide on what is the time you can join a map treasure has 8 hrs after that you are cut off from team members that haven’t joined. CPT Dave 627486
  15. Shields need to be halved. They are way to long. Very much detracts from the gameplay. Otherwise its pretty good.
  16. Earlier
  17. It needs more players, other than that's its pretty fun. :(009966) Crimson
  18. Need more players, but Keep less than regular global amount. use the same reward system as regular global IGN: Koolgrape
  19. We need to have one small teams with universal entry requirements at all times. Swift thrust is fun though but annoying for mall leagues.
  20. You need to drop shield times on level 5 city’s bit to long to hard to get lc up level 9s ok
  21. Hello Commanders, We have brought back the optimized map Swift Thrust for a while. Our developers would like to have your opinions, suggestions or advice on this map and will optimize it based on your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comments below. We will give away 500 amethysts for your feedback. Each account can only receive the amethysts ONCE. Please don't forget to leave your in-game name and in-game ID number. The amethysts will be distributed in 48 hours. World Warfare Team
  22. Hey. I need you in-game names and ID numbers for the rewards distribution. Give me the information ASAP. Thank you!
  23. Is really good this keep it up the great game. Nothing else to say . Just saying keep it up the good work .
  24. seems good so far thanks
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