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World Warfare
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  2. We want ground maps NOW NOW NOW NOW !!!!! IMPERIAL OR BLITZKRIEG Some of us will leav if not
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  5. Может мы по просим еще добавить новую пехоту в виде спец войск
  6. Что мы хотим этим сделать
  7. Probably not due to subs utilizing torpedos but if the deck guns are Bolfors they should have AOE vs air. But I would like to see torpedos dealing AOE damage against troops that are stacked on on another being the exact same location as the targeted unit.
  8. We will bring your suggestions to the devs.
  9. When you said: Considering completing the strike takes time, so it sometimes many not deal any damage, such as the situation where red naval troops moves out of attack range when you are launching the strike. Is it safe to compare this to the Bolfors attack set up time before attacking? If so has a he quick set up been fixed and or will it be fixed by the time the sub units come out. As well will the subs have some AOE ability around the targeted unit due to the mechanics and the purpose of the torpedo being to explode under the ships keel essentially breaking the ship in half? Can and will
  10. these were some ideas I had posed before. Just wondering if they were considered. Balao Class Submarine Surfaced HP-4,000/ Surfaced Speed-3.42/ Surfaced Sight-300. Submerged HP-10,000/ Submerged Speed-1.72/ Submerged Sight-150. Attack Range-200/ Attack Range vs Air 250 Attack: Ship-2500/ Air-1400/ Submarine-2500 Fuel-36H/ Food-48H/ Ammo-24min Defense type- Ship 1000 (surfaced). Defense type- Ship +3000 (submerged). Production Cost: 20min to produce & 15min to build. Cash-8,000/ Oil-1500/ Steel-2500/ Rubber-1500 Battle t
  11. We will keep developing the submarine units, more models will be introduced into the game.
  12. Will you be introducing more famous submarines like the German U-Boats? (Das Boot!). Will you also adding tech for the submarines to upgrade them? Also will the sub attack one ship at a time? Will the torpedoes have area effect damage? Will the sub be able to attack without surfacing? and finally will subs be able to carry commandoes for land deposits? (Maybe introduce special navy commandoes?) talking about commandoes when will you introduce bazookas or anti-armor weapons that can take out tanks affectively? when will you give commandoes the ability to set
  13. No specific data yet That would be taken into account. Thanks Destroyers. Follow me to get more info next. Lol
  14. Any talk of helicopters like a sea king anti sub etc?
  15. Navy maps have killed the game, your sub will be another nail in the coffin of this game. this is your last chance to earn your last money with a new officer
  16. I think it the role of the destroyer to do so and specialized bomber who can seek and destroy sub Well it time to use dive bomber and torpedo bomber properly🤣
  17. it’s about time. Let the true navel players master the subs. All others can stay land lovers. 😂
  18. Can you develop mine fields next to deter the submarines
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