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  2. I agree with the limiting! But a reasonable limit. I would bet you would actually make more money from the game if went about the right way. I for one, love this game only game I can find with its mechanics and strategy. But I have stopped playing it off and on because I get pissed when I get wrecked by a guy who obviously blew 100 dollars on the map half way threw. That being said I choose not to spend a bunch of money cus of the fact that u can blow ten dollars one day then get demolished in the next 6 hours by some dude that spent his whole check on gems. So I only buy the building que and
  3. I was wondering if anyone had a list of how much space troops take up after they are expanded or maybe add it to the stats of the expanded troops.
  4. Just in case you missed it, here's a video recap of the October 2020 update. There are some new game changes for novice players, and now there's a new season for seasoned Commanders. Now that's a Battle! Let us know your thoughts, as more updates are soon to come! https://youtu.be/RxO4WInyoo4 Regards, World Warfare Team
  5. Earlier
  6. My stugs were on a pontoon that sank and they all died(8 stugs) but yet it didn't lower my troop number once they died is there any way to fix this
  7. I don't see the updating app in Apple AppStore. How to start game now? Do I need to delete game and reinstall it?
  8. Thank you KingCB 😊
  9. This is a really good idea. If the community wants to encourage more women to play the game... then develop features that are specific to keeping them happy and appealing to new women-players that might be checking the game casually (until they see features they like and decide to stay long-term). Peter, and other support staff who happen to read this, please take Lynze’s post seriously.
  10. Have it be a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness
  11. It's October which is the month to support breast cancer awareness. I think it would be awesome if y'all gave the option to purchase Pink skins for 40s and maybe some air units and even tanker units. I know that I myself would buy it just like I did the silver death skin. There are also several other women that play the game that would agree. Please take my suggestion into consideration. 🙏
  12. This update seems cool... but the new M1 artillery unit still has some issues that should be addressed. There are existing officers (like Knudsen) who say they apply to all vehicles... but they don’t affect the new M1 artillery unit. Please check it. Also, there should be battlefield technology options for the new M1 unit (just like there are for all other units in the game). Thank you -Zeus
  13. I agree. We need LC naval units and submarines to make things more interesting. Let’s make a sniper unit able to extend the attack range of battleships into the sniper units sight range, but only works in coastal territory zones. This will increase The use of naval units in maps where naval units are harder to use.
  14. Will there be new troops and more control ?? Or just battle pass? If it just battle pass I wouldn't call it major update.
  15. Will Naval LC troops be added in the next update?
  16. Hello Commanders! Welcome to the world warfare military channel again! Here comes the volume 2 of the update sneak peek. Except the battle manual, we've also brought our attention to the beginner experiences. Cadet Experience Optimization 1. After the update, the cadet commanders have to upgrade their military ranks to unlock more units. The accounts that registered before this update will not be affected. How to unlock the units? Please stay active on the battlefield, level up your military rank, then go to the Technology interface, unlock the corresponding
  17. I want to give a city to a ally.
  18. You will have the countdown clock after the major update
  19. In the World of ____ blitz games, it’s called a blitz pass. However, I don’t like the idea of tying rewards to limited access game modes. Just like the new arty coins. The best players play these modes to give their league the best chance of winning. So everyone else in the league is SOL. But being a team game for success, people aren’t going to break into smaller leagues to get an opportunity. If the goal is to reach the whole community, then things like tourneys should be limited to once per season per league member. This would encourage more participation with all league members.
  20. Looks like what was added to Age of Z but cheaper here. When are you bringing back MMR season?
  21. Legal eu gostei já é algo novo porém acho que isto irá beneficiar muito os jogadores que pagam para vencer mas o jogo precisa arrecadar para sobreviver. Ansioso pela atualização
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