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  2. Just straight no gems
  3. KingJames97


    Please help me know what I need to do in order to get the medals on profile. Please answer the following medal separately, I have ADD haha. Please name the medal and what I need to do. I’ve been playing since 2015 and I never understood how to do them. I also want to do them ASAP. Thanks 🙏🏽
  4. Subs are fun but the strike range is ineffective. Need a warning prior to attack. Also enemy resource nodes can see your subs there is no reason subs should be seen by resource or maybe just navy bases only. Also the subs can be visible when firing this should not be the case a subs strength is being invisible. Also I don’t think a player should have to útilize a bf tech for strike mode find a better mix of bf tech instead of the current
  5. Earlier
  6. @Peter -Officers and Battle technology that apply to all units and all naval units currently don’t work for subs. This should be fixed. This will help with the speed. -Sub special attack: —Option 1: If subs are out of range while they conduct their special attack they still attack but with half the effects of bonuses. —Option 2: If subs are out of range while they conduct their special attack they still attack with full bonuses but the bonus effects only last 1 minute. -Time for surfacing submerging and special attack: Special attack 3min, Submerging 30 sec
  7. MMR needs to go back to a day between each map
  8. When it comes to season events. It’s not great for most in my opinion. Most leagues it’s the same guys getting to do mmr and tournaments. In all the time that mmr has been around I got lucky and have got to play it once. This game only benefits the guys that don’t have a life. I do work I do love this game. It’s extremely difficult for me to succeed in any way in seasons.
  9. I’m having a problem with officers and battle technology not applying to the subs when they specifically state they apply to naval units or all units. This would help with the speed issue.
  10. Hello Commanders, S3 season has opened for over 20 days as you all know. How is your battle manual going? Yesterday, we have had 2 commanders reached to level 51, the milestone of the battle manual. Congrats to Commander Wormklep and Commander Mad[3BB9FF]Cow! Do what you can to get to the last and best prize! I believe some of you may still wonder how to upgrade the manual level and claim the rewards. Here is a guide for you guys. Check it out. Firstly, you need to go to the in-game store or the EVENTS button to purchase a battle manual. It's OK if you don't buy i
  11. @Peterthe officers that apply to all naval units don’t effect the subs. battle tech that effects all units has no effect on subs.
  12. I would like to see the mechanics used in this map brought over to all other maps. Because in maps like global the players who farm the NPC tigers first have the advantage. Make the super battleships and tigers and SS HQ in all maps as strong as you have in Aegean.
  13. I am now an Arab player and I am having difficulty understanding the language of the game. Of course, since the game is global and available to all players, I suggest to developers to add the Arabic language and do not forget that winning the Arab players segment will increase profits. The game is in a way that the developers themselves do not expect, and the game lacks promotion on the part of Arab players and the Arab world, while gaming companies such as Gear James and many others are focused on the Arab world because of the player in it.
  14. Well from my game play of Aegean I can say the subs are very balanced but still require some changes to help them be a very good navy unit like North Carolina. One of the biggest fundamental problems is of course the speed of subs in battle. Most of the time your gonna be traveling above water but when your team is about to fight you are forced to submerge at least a scout view distance away- travel for 7-10 minutes to get at least semi behind the enemy and then lastly strike for another 5 mintier which all together is almost 20 minutes of not helping your team in the fight. Of course I do und
  15. Need subs to be able to fire submerged
  16. The submarine needs to not be able to launch the strike ability if it is out of attack range. There is little to no way to gauge the attack range out at sea, and having to wait 5 minutes for it to say "Out of Range" is just a slap to the face. So either have it say "Out of Range" upon activating strike, or have the unit auto path until it's in range to the target.
  17. Commanders, S3 season is live now! How do you like the new features in this season? The HQ is eager to have your advice, suggestions or opinions. Please just leave them in the comment area. Thanks. Don't forget to finish the poll. 👊👊👊 World Warfare Team
  18. Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m currently making nearly 3 new videos per day on this game. I cover a variety of topics all geared towards giving you all the information to survive and thrive inside of a battlefield. Please check out my channel at the link below. Peety’s Youtube Page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq10_YjYr0Iiof7L1iFgpCA Unit Breakdowns Playlist Officer Breakdowns Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB5OMo7_9TruVrzVDkMM3wy31VvhlPmqJ Tips and Tricks Playlist Tutor
  19. Si no juegas mmr 2 veces no alcanzas el manual. Necesitas las misiones de copa y al menos 2 mmr.
  20. Greetings Commanders, S3 season is about to come in the middle of May. In this update, we also modified the battle manual. 1. We have extended the battle manual to 61 levels. From level 51 to level 61, we've added some items that will be used in S4 season; the final prize is a permanent skin for Carolina Battleship. 2. In this season, we've added new portraits, new unit skins, new city frame and new league emblem. Here is a sneak peek. 3. We've also added the new item: S3 Activity Point Card. Use it in the weekly events to excha
  21. Peter


    Go to the "Contact Us" button in the app. They will help.
  22. Yasser2025


    I hope who can communicate with me. I have been attacked by enemies, and the stages of the game are very weak, and I cannot find anyone's help.
  23. Yasser2025


    أتمنى أن يتواصل معي. لقد هوجمت من قبل الأعداء ومراحل ضعيفة جدا مساعدة من أحد.
  24. there is no point in this system, because all officers are not free and 70% of players play without any officers at all
  25. Great addition. Thank you for this!
  26. SHARPER! you owe me 9k blue stones for a video or delete 3 of my videos from your page
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