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Found 5 results

  1. Wizard


    I have been playing for a while and have found that three things impede my progress. One, that when alone in a field the fact that you cannot transport light tanks in regular transport s. Two, that you cannot get regular transports until lvl 7. Three, that upgrading the individual units boost at lvl 3 and 5 of the barracks take two much steel and that it takes a full day to recover steel sufficiently. So any thoughts 💭 on this would be appreciated.
  2. If you haven't realized, infantry suck in this game. Infantry has made up the majority of an army's forces ever since war was invented, but here most of the fighting is done by armored vehicles and planes. What really drive everyone to steer away from infantry are these reasons: Terrible sight Terrible damage Terrible speed Takes up valuable space in troop limit However, things could be different There is one resource that is almost completely ignored: Population. Yes, there is a population resource. What if instead of the troop count limiting the size of
  3. Hi everyone. Im pretty new to this game, though i have been playing for a few days so I understand the general idea of the game. This game is amazing imo, with alot of focus on land, sea and air vehicles however, there is not much focus on infantry. So i have some suggestions. Please consider these Medic infantry, heals nearby infantry units Engineer infantry, heals nearby tanks Machinegun infantry, deals more damage versus other infantry, but deals less versus vehicles and tanks Rocket infantry, deals good amount of damage versus tanks and vehicles, but cant hit other infa
  4. All right, in my tireless pursuit to drive change for commanders by commanders, I turn my attention toward the early-game non-mechanized troops. With the inclusion of so many new and shiny vehicles, armor, ships, and planes, these backbone units are being forgotten in the update craze. So, I take the liberty to post a few suggestions which will maintain the usefulness of these units for many wars to come, and I may even assist commanders in using a new strategy to defeat opponents. 1. -Infantry- These grunts give me a warm feeling in my heart as they have to ability to assist in a fi
  5. To finish this map of in style we had an epic scout battle. We only had a few hours to plan and get it together but there was roughly 300 scout planes that showed up. It was unmatched with about 100 on one side and 200 on the other. In the end only 90 and 150 actually fought. Some went offline and on patrol. But we let the team with less numbers use suicidal and persuade. This in the beginning actually made it look to be really close as we were losing our scouts 2 to their 1. But as numbers whittled down it was a massacre. Ending with 80 of the 50 and 0 of theirs left In the f
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