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Found 4 results

  1. Defending the game needs more defense Bunkers oh buildings to protect oh borders and,the coast like in the real war and we need more weapons when you have the Kathyusha nothing more, the game becomes boring there is nothing different ever ... should have more more more excitement defense bunkers, the soldiers when you have a high level will no longer sirben anything just to raisined and boring
  2. I believe we should have more German weapons, since we only have the Panzer III kpfw, Tiger I, Tiger II, and Maus. Reason 1: knowing the fact about how many allied weapons there are, there should be an equivalent amount of Axis weapons. Reason 2: Germany is well credited for their engineering advances, because we all know they invented rockets in the first place. Question: But wouldn't that be too OP? Answer: well, most weapons would be OP if you use them correctly, but yes most German weapons are OP, for example, you have the Maus, which is OP most of the time. So are the strategic bombers, they're OP when you spam them to a certain area, or basically OP in general. Ideas? Panzer IV Kpfw Messerschmitt (any kind) good old Panzer II with anti-air U-boat (already suggested it) Bismark (already suggested) Soldats that can be equipped with researched weapons in the research facility Panzerfaust German Artillery Any suggestions or remarks? PM me @Blaskowitz in-game or if you have time, please reply below, Danke sehr!
  3. New weapons III: Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber: lvl. 12 munition factory, 20 min. training time, behaves as regular aircraft but when it attack it dives, attacks, lifts up then escapes. It is undetectable during the dive. but has less damage and health then a bomber.
  4. Buildings Radar building researching facility (league) rocket silo (league city required, transportable to a silo in any members city within the league) silo (extension to the Air Force base) Storage components for any resource weapons V1/V2 rocket- can be fired at a city from long ranges, detected by radar. Once impacts the city, metal shards will fly. (Metal shards will give about 1000 damage to the buildings in the city zone. panzer IV medium tank. IS-8 (league tank) Bismark (long range arty, league battleship) yamamato (long range arty, league battleship) U-boat (torpedoes can be destroyed by patrol boats, league weapon) patrol boats
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