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World Warfare
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  1. I like the shermans because shermans were my favorite medium tank, besides the matilda, from ww2 era. But thats just my opinion however
  2. Alright thanks but I still think turret targeting is not fair. I think it should only attack tanks instead since there is literally armies of just stugs attacking a base since tanks are near useless.
  3. So here I am, casually attacking a city. I haven't played the game in a while, but I still remember what to do. Tactics: send in tanks first to take the damage, then stugs afterwards. I expected to win however suddenly I saw the turrets hitting the STUGS even though the TANKS were in front of them, like far infront of them. This makes tanks almost completely useless when invading cities. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN that means that players only need to spam stugs to win a battle, since tanks dont take any damage anymore. This makes the game boring since the only units really used now to cap cities is
  4. My device model is the samsung galaxy tab 4, and im running it on android, not ios. I dont have cellular connection since im running this from my tablet. I hppe this helps a little to solve the problem, because i really enjoy this game and i dont want it to be ruined for people by this error message. It seems to be working fine at the moment though.
  5. Its fixed now but i can still send you the screenshots when i go back online on my tablet. I have no clue why it showed up as that, but eventually after reinstalling several times and clearing the cache, it eventually loaded up fine and my data was all there. Though it would be nice to know why it happened in the first place, because it scared me a little since I had just recently attacked an enemy, and he was retaliating since i was offline, but luckily i didnt lose too much, and still won the battle. I didnt take a screenshot of the Role Obtainment Timout (atleast i dont t
  6. Hi, ive been playing for a while on this new account. I am currently in day 7 of a newbie match, and whenever i try to go on to it, this error message keeps coming up. I have tried clearing the cache, and multiple other things but they dont seem to work. Ive tried to reconect too, but that doesnt work either. Please help, i was in a middle of a massive battle and i could lose if i dont get back online. Thanks there has also been another error message saying Role Obtainment Timeout
  7. If they were to split paying and non paying members, then paying members would stop paying entirely. Yes that is good for non paying members, but eventually the company would stop this game since they arent gaining any money from this game whatsoever, so then even the non paying members would eventually not be able to play, and no one would be happy. The reason why paying members pay is so that they get a sense of achievement from beating non paying members, and non paying members are like prey for payers. Without non payers the payers would have no reason to keep paying and would probab
  8. Well that does sound good, like an engineer truck. Also a supply truck of some kind would be good because then i dont have to rely entirely on my tactic points, and instead if i want a smaller area for my units to restock with limited supply i could use a supply truck for that reason.
  9. spyro58


    But then again if they did this, you could also say its a hack for the defender because If they invaded with tanks and stugs, obviously stugs do major damage to buildings so the defender would target the stugs first and the meatshields (light tank, heavy tank medium tank and super tank) would be completely useless. The entire reason for tanks is so that they can take the damage before high dps units (assault guns) take damage so it would essentially make defending an easy job if the player is online. However, i think the player should control the ai to an extent, for example maybe the pla
  10. spyro58

    Im New

    Well, if you are currently on the battlefield, click leave but DONT CLICK SURRENDER AND RESPAWN OR SURRENDER instead click main menu Then once you have done so, click achievements tab (small trophy in the bottom menu) Click on any achieved achievements and you will get gems. Then after that, go back to main menu then press go to battlefield. This will take you straight back to your battlefield. I hope this helps a little
  11. Well my strategy currently is to send in either medium or heavy tanks, (or even super tanks if you have any) and then move in assault guns too. Everything must target the city's turrets, and also bring along artillery in transport planes and use them to either hit the turrets or burn any attacking troops, because of its AOE. Also, i tend to send in a few jeeps to deal with infantry just in case because they are very fast and very effective vs infantry. Also, bombing might be a good strategy as long as its followed by a land attack as well. Send in alot of bombers and they will do major d
  12. I see what you all mean but i would atleast like there to be some naval league armaments because there isnt any atm, and i can see that the navy is becoming slowly oboslete and naval forces are my favourite, but also most useless units
  13. And when they have to go through EVERY SINGLE enemy city possible, and die to turrets, just to annoy me
  14. Hi everyone, so ive been playing it recently and ive managed to build a league city. However, i see that there is only 3 new types of land and air forces available to create. Maybe they should add more types, and maybe they could integrate subs into it too because at the moment, there is no naval armaments. Does anyone agree with me and if so im open to hearing your ideas and opinions, because in my opinion i don't think 6 new types of troops is enough for a league city
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