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Found 2 results

  1. The following is a few new game modes I hope you all enjoy please leave feedback. The modes will appear on the main screen on a rotunda system swipe to select your mode or an option that leads to a list of games. Regicide: in this game mode players have a capital building leagues would have a league city that they have to defend. In the league set up 2-6 leagues of 1-6 or 1-4 players. (Suggest making the closest cities to the league capital cap at Lv 5 to make it harder to defend the closer players get) Death match: in this game mode players fight to the death with no respawns and a maximum of four cities. Once a players city's power is dropped to 0 the city is lost. The option to pacify is out as well as league cities and gemed insta-repairs on cities. Once a player's final city is lost they are kicked from the match. The limit on other structures such as villages, resource zones,docks, etc. is determined via battle level. King of the hill: players fight for the center of the level much like the current event scenario but their presence with in the circle ranks points per hour. Domination: players fight for control over multiple zones or structures on the map, the structures will provide resources as well as points per hour. Control operation: in this scenario players fight for control over structures that randomly appear on the map at any one given time. Points are awarded to the team/ league that holds the zone when the timer runs out. After that a new location becomes available and must be captured and held for 2hrs or so. When the locations are cold they could either be blank areas or act like wonders but are only able to capture when hot. When cold the controlling agency loses control of that building and it becomes a computer controlled area or blank space. Some should appear on islands to utilize naval and air power strategies. League only options 2-6 leagues of 1-10 players. the target buildings shouldn't cost any flags to capture and should also generate 600/hr of every resource to the individual player. However in league battle the whole leave gets that bonus to their capital city. 1v1 league death match 2v2 league death match Let me know what you guys think thanks for reading.
  2. I had already brought up this idea on a separate thread but I know everyone has been thinking about some fresh content that could change up play styles. I was thinking rather than just have this single European theatre map, there could also be a Pacific theatre one as well which would focus more on naval and island warfare? It's a far off topic but I think it's something I can see the developers implementing in the future that could make this game over the top. If there would be a pacific theatre map. Of course there's have to be a lot of new units and upgrades. Gotta have the aircraft carriers. But upgrades for tanks and infantry like flamethrowers? They're not necessarily needed now but if there were defensive positions like bunkers and trenches that could be constructed by infantry(i.e. construction upgrade), it would definitely give a huge boost to the usefulness and importance to infantry. Victory point objectives would have to change. No SS but Imperial Japanese objectives like aircraft carrier hunting in the ocean(Tigers) also certain islands would be strongholds that would be a challenge to destroy(replace the SS HQ) Then also to throw a little more diversity, there could be Strategic Airforce and naval bases that would give advantages to those that hold them. Making them hotspots for confrontation and encouraging competition. It would be a challenge to stick about 200 players in a world with mostly water though so that'd still be an issue. Especially with scarce villages and limited population but that could limit people from amassing a lot of ships at the same time. Thoughts and ideas to expand upon this? I'd like to hear more of what other people think. Have solutions to some obvious faults? Reply
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