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World Warfare
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Military Academy-Supply Instructions


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1. What are Supplies

There are 3 kinds of supplies: Food, Ammo, Fuel.

(1). Food: food is necessity for every troop. Morale will decrease when food is used up, which results in "Fleeing" when Morale reaches 0. Health of the troop will also begin to lose every minute in "Fleeing".

(2). Ammo: troop costs Ammo when attacking, it stops attacking when Ammo is used up.

(3). Fuel: all troops cost Fuel when moving except infantry. Army and Navy cannot move when Fuel is used up, but Air Force troop crashes instead.

2. How to Supply

Supplies can be recovered in several ways.

(1). Default Carried: troops will carry full supplies after training, and different troops can carry different amounts of supplies.

(2). City Supply: player can use “City Supply”to recover all troops that need supplies in Admin Area; the city will also recover all troops that need supplies automatically every one hour.

(3). Within-Ship Supply: Aircraft Carrier can supply all aircrafts on board.

(4). Air Supply: League City can use "Air supply" to recover all troops that need supplies in Admin Area.

(5). Tactic Supply: player can use“Tactic Supply” to recover all troops.

3. How to obtain Supplies

Supplies can be obtained from several ways.

(1). Produce: player can produce supplies in Supply Factory (annex building). Finished products will be stored in the city.

(2). Skills: officers who have skills of reclaiming supplies can obtain supplies by chance after killing enemies.

(3). Missions: player can obtain supplies after completing Missions.

(4). Transportation: player can obtain supplies by transporting resources with other players.

4. Other

Besides within-ship supply and Tactic Supply, Army troops can get supplied in effective Admin Area (no matter in the wild, in the base or in carriers), air and navy troops have to get supplied in Air Force base/Sea Force base. 

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3 hours ago, Dude said:

So I have a really stupid question..... I keep running out of food for my troops is there a way I can make it?

Yes you can. Like this post states, there is a building called a supply factory that you unlock at city lv 7 which allows you to make more food, fuel and ammo in exchange for fortune or the green money looking thing. Hope this helps.

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