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Found 4 results

  1. 1. What are SuppliesThere are 3 kinds of supplies: Food, Ammo, Fuel. (1). Food: food is necessity for every troop. Morale will decrease when food is used up, which results in "Fleeing" when Morale reaches 0. Health of the troop will also begin to lose every minute in "Fleeing". (2). Ammo: troop costs Ammo when attacking, it stops attacking when Ammo is used up. (3). Fuel: all troops cost Fuel when moving except infantry. Army and Navy cannot move when Fuel is used up, but Air Force troop crashes instead. 2. How to SupplySupplies can be recovered in several ways. (1). Default Carried: troops will carry full supplies after training, and different troops can carry different amounts of supplies. (2). City Supply: player can use “City Supply”to recover all troops that need supplies in Admin Area; the city will also recover all troops that need supplies automatically every one hour. (3). Within-Ship Supply: Aircraft Carrier can supply all aircrafts on board. (4). Air Supply: League City can use "Air supply" to recover all troops that need supplies in Admin Area. (5). Tactic Supply: player can use“Tactic Supply” to recover all troops. 3. How to obtain SuppliesSupplies can be obtained from several ways. (1). Produce: player can produce supplies in Supply Factory (annex building). Finished products will be stored in the city. (2). Skills: officers who have skills of reclaiming supplies can obtain supplies by chance after killing enemies. (3). Missions: player can obtain supplies after completing Missions. (4). Transportation: player can obtain supplies by transporting resources with other players. 4. OtherBesides within-ship supply and Tactic Supply, Army troops can get supplied in effective Admin Area (no matter in the wild, in the base or in carriers), air and navy troops have to get supplied in Air Force base/Sea Force base.
  2. 1. What is Tactic Tactic, what you can deploy in battlefields, is able to bring buff to your own buildings and troops or bring debuff to enemies’ buildings and troops, or even call for reinforcements! 2. How to learn Tactic You can learn Tactic in Tactic interface in Headquarter; player has three default learned Tactics. You can choose to learn one Tactic out of three Tactics after leveling up your commander( the rest 2 Tactics cannot be learned anymore). 3. How to deploy Tactic Tactic can only be deployed in battlefields. View all available Tactics by clicking on “Tactic” button; click on Tactic that you want to deploy and choose a target place or a certain troop, then click on “OK” to make it effective. 4. Restricted conditions for deploying Tactics All Tactics should have a target (a place or a certain troop); Tactic can be effective while target is correctly chosen. All Tactics have cooldown time; you cannot deploy Tactic when it is cooling down. All Tactics cost Tactic Points; you are able to deploy Tactics when you have enough Tactic Points. 5. How to deploy newly learned Tactic in ongoing battle All available Tactics are those you learned before entering the battlefield. You can deploy newly learned Tactic after the battlefield has been updated. Your Tactics in battlefield will keep consistent with your learned Tactics after every battlefield update. 6. What is Tactic Point Deploying Tactic costs Tactic Point; you are unable to deploy Tactic with insufficient Tactic Point. Tactic Point can be recovered in following ways: (1). Auto recover: it recovers one point every half an hour until it is full. (2). Purchase: it costs 250 diamonds for 50 Tactical Points; cannot buy Tactic Point when it is full. (3). Battlefield update: it recovers 60 Tactic Points in every update; can still obtain Tactic Point when it is full. 7. How to relearn Tactic In “Tactic” interface in “Headquarter”, click on “Reset Tactic” button to reset all learned Tactics by spending diamonds, then you can learn new Tactic. Three default learned Tactics cannot be reset.
  3. 1. How to view Battlefield(1). How to change angel of view? Slide around and drag the screen. (2). How to zoom in/out screen displays? Pinch the screen with two fingers. 2. How to select troop(1).How to select one unit Method 1:Tap the unit with finger directly. Method 2:Open the list on the left side of main interface, click on the icon of buildings or the unit that you want to choose. (2). How to select multiple units Method 1:All units will be displayed as shrunken pieces when zoomed out, click on one of the stacks to select entire units of this kind. Method 2: Tap the screen for 1~2 seconds, a hint for multiple select will appear (Circular "i"), slide and drag the screen to select all units within the region. 3. How to command troop to move(1). How to move troop Select troop and click on “move" button, choose any place on the screen as a target, then it will move towards it automatically. (2). How to move accurately in a short distance Select any troop and hold on to tap the screen, now drag the screen to draw predetermined route for this troop, then it will move accurately on this particular route. 4. How to command troop to attack (1). Direct attack: select troop and click on “attack” button, and choose any place on the screen, then the troop will move towards the place and attack all enemies along the way. (2). Auto attack: troop will attack targets automatically when available target is within range. 5. Specific operations(1). How to cease current order Select troop and click on “stop” button, then the troop will stop its current movement. (2). How to find your own city and troops quickly Click on the button on the left side of main interface, “City List”, “Troop List” and “Save Coordinates” will pop out. City List:locate current owned cities, click any city to jump into it. Troop List:locate and assign current troop in order to operate easily. Save Coordinates: Save and share current coordinates in order to locate quickly. (3). How to transport troops with transporter Select troops and click “enter” button, and choose Army Base/Air Force Base where transporter is located, then the troops are ready to enter the transporter in the base. (4). How to capture a city After enemy’s Central Building has been destroyed, you can send one infantry to capture it. After the city has been captured, you need to use “Pacify” to restore its normal function.
  4. 1. What is MoraleMorale affects troops in combats. The original Morale for troop is 50. Troop will become “Jubilant” when Morale reaches 120 (full), which increases attack, defense and speed of the troop; troop will become "Fleeing" when morale reaches 0, which results in losing Health every minute. 2. How to raise Morale Morale can be raised in following ways. (1). Attacking enemy: Morale will increase by 2 every time that the troop deals damage to enemy troop until morale reaches “Jubilant”. (2). Defeating enemy: you can obtain 20 Morale after defeating enemy. (3). Officer skills: Morale can be increased by chance when some particular officers’ skills are triggered, such as Officer Skill “Indomitable”. 3. Why my Morale decreasedMorale will reduce in following scenarios. (1). Being attacked: Morale will decrease by 2 every time that enemy attacks you. (2). Officer Skills: Morale can be decreased by chance when some particular officers’ skills are triggered, such as Officer Skill “Fear”. (3). Lacking food: Morale will decrease to 0 when you are out of food supply. (4). Non-combat reduction: when your troops are in non-combat status and have more than 50 morale, Morale will decrease by 1 every 5 minutes until it decreases to 50 .
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