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World Warfare
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  1. Wulf2552

    Next Update?

    Was wondering if the Dev team has a scheduled release date for the next patch? Maybe I missed it somewhere in the forum so I thought I'd ask.
  2. Thats not a P38. It does look like the ugly version of one though. Give us a Bf109 or FW A-1.
  3. Are we getting dive bombers / torpedo bombers as well? Bombers had a hard time on Aircraft Carriers in WW2...
  4. Too bad you can't scuttle the damn thing and move on. Well, this is outta my hands, good luck.
  5. Kinda like a beached whale, huh? I'm guessing you tried moving it in all directions, so have you tried "entering" into the Harbor?
  6. Dear god... If you give me Canadian skin Faction for the UK faction, I may have to give you guys a sloppy kiss.
  7. Wulf2552


    Another note. Why not include half-tracks and trucks for infantry? Mechanized and motorized Infantry were all the rage in WW2.
  8. So far the only real thing we want are diamonds. Perhaps some other reward of some type?
  9. Wulf2552


    I agree. Helicopters are still not invented if we go by WW2 timeline. Possibly building makeshift airfields or train stations.
  10. Of course bombers will, but look at the targets. Cities and Fascist NPCs, great potential targets that you can bombard with little to no harm to your own forces. Lol I don't know who took that picture of my Arty but I had a good laugh seeing it. Cheers! One way to kill off Arty without the obvious bomber route, especially if the arty is covered by anti Air or mustangs, is stabbing their "Eyes". Kill the Scout plane off and the Arty's visual range is cut down incredibly. Move in afterwards for the kill.
  11. I tried using a Navy but after a couple of tries it seemed to almost be nothing but a waste or way too situational. Why sail when you can fly? I do suppose you can transport heavy units via boat but I just never had the need. Anyone feel different about it? I am not disliking the Navy options thus far I just feel they are a little lack lustre.
  12. I know your Art team will possibly hate me for saying it but you guys could sell "skins" for certain units, especially of the armoured kind. The best thing too, is that they can be historically accurate and good looking. For instance, you can get a USMC skin for America although their armour Camoflauge doesn't change too much. The skins can earn you guys extra money, players can display their individual armour/uniform camouflage not only to themselves but to others in the battlefield and best of all it's simply aesthetics, no game balance required. The more skins and sprites, the better! (p.s.
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