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  1. Hello Commanders! Welcome to the world warfare military channel again! Here comes the volume 2 of the update sneak peek. Except the battle manual, we've also brought our attention to the beginner experiences. Cadet Experience Optimization 1. After the update, the cadet commanders have to upgrade their military ranks to unlock more units. The accounts that registered before this update will not be affected. How to unlock the units? Please stay active on the battlefield, level up your military rank, then go to the Technology interface, unlock the corresponding
  2. You will have the countdown clock after the major update
  3. Greetings Commanders, Welcome to the world warfare military channel! According to our internal sources, the HQ is planning to launch a major update in the near future. A bunch of free premium items are waiting for you to claim! In this update, we will introduce the concept of Season, it is a season from overall, not the same season as that of tournament. The S1 season is about to kick off soon! During the season, you can purchase the Battle Manual, complete designated missions, and improve your personal rankings and league rankings. Let's take a sneak peek below!
  4. Hey. These pics are not qualified. We need a neat and clean picture. Please hide the toggles,buttons, troop icons, when you are taking a picture.
  5. Can I have your in-game name? Your in-game name, please Please give me your in-game name
  6. Hey King. Is your name [4682B4]KingZeus now? We are about to send the rewards. Hello. Is your in-game name "Mauro87"?
  7. Hello Commanders, The MMR Tournament is live as of now. How do you like the new map? As you all know, this is the first time we develop the MMR feature, we'd like to have your opinions and suggestions for future optimization. It could be about the map, the mechanic, the leaderboard, etc. Share them with us to get 500 amethysts. Leaving your ID number and screen name in the comment area is a necessity. Peter
  8. I believe we have rewarded your works from the other post.
  9. 2 teams Check vol.2
  10. Check vol.2 Map speed is 2X. The personal strength is decided by your MMR score.
  11. Didn't you get the diamonds? I delivered them to you weeks ago.
  12. It's a 203mm Soviet artillery Got it. We will bring your opinions to the design team. Much obliged!
  13. Hello Commanders, I believe most of you have read the first volume. Now let’s take a look at the rewards. We have developed some brand new stuff for this feature. 1. We have added 5 medals for different phase players in the MMR tournament. See the followed: 2. We have also developed 5 limited-time portrait frames for different phase players in the MMR tournament. You can wear them in the chat channel, leaderboard, map ranking, etc. See the followed: 3. We also added the feature “Hall of Fame”, the champion of every season will be di
  14. Hello Commanders, We are pleased to announce that a new feature - MMR Tournament - is going to be brought in the game shortly. As this is the first time we add this feature in the game, the first season will be much more like a TRIAL version. Here is some information for you: MMR is short for Match-Making Rating, which is the basis for matching your opponents. Compared to the League Tournament, MMR emphasizes on personal strength, you will be able match for the opponents with the same strength. The MMR season lasts 4 weeks, 2 rounds per week. In the 5th week, we wi
  15. Hey. this video to too short. Please provide a longer one.
  16. Fails every time when I download it. Could you please post it on Youtube?
  17. Hey TON. Can you please give me your screen name or ID number? I'll send out the rewards to you.
  18. Hey. Can you plz post it on youtube? I'll get the link and download the movie for posting.
  19. 您好!感谢您的投稿。已经将奖励发出。
  20. Hello. Are you the origianl creator of this short video?
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