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  1. Hello Commanders, I believe you have had an outline of the upcoming submarine unit from the last 2 sitreps. Here is a picture of them in the game: Since submarines deal burst damage to the ships, we should have some method to detect and destroy them before they start attacking. How? Here is the answer: Destroyers. Both in real life and game, destroyers are the fine weapons to counter submarines. We granted the Z-Class destroyers a skill : Sonar Detection with a 5 minutes cooldown. Here is a picture for it: Activating this skill a
  2. We are still preparing the content. Don't have a specific time frame yet.
  3. We will bring your suggestions to the devs.
  4. We will keep developing the submarine units, more models will be introduced into the game.
  5. No specific data yet That would be taken into account. Thanks Destroyers. Follow me to get more info next. Lol
  6. Commanders, Here is another sitrep for the submarines. In this volume, we'll introduce the rough mechanic. Some will be optimized before the release. Sub’s role: Surprises the naval units, deals lethal damages and turns the tide. Sub’s status: There are 2 statuses for the subs: On water and Under water. When on water, its mechanic is the same as the other naval troops. But it has a button to Sink. There will be a timer for completing the sinking action. When under water, 1. it turns into invisible to the enemy/neutral
  7. Hello Commanders, As the S2 season is ending, S3 season is around the corner. In S3 season, we will bring in the much-anticipated unit: Submarine. The model is a Balao Class Submarine built by the US Navy during world war 2. Below are some pictures of it in real life. Just imagine how it works in the game. Lol. Please stay tuned! More spoilers are on the way! World Warfare Team
  8. Hello Commanders, The S2 season is about to close in days. Spare no efforts to rush the battle manual points from now! In this season, we offered some new portraits, new skins, new league emblem and the very new city frame, we also optimized the manual point gain from the seasonal missions. How do you like the adjustments? Please speak out freely what on your mind is. We are open to have your suggestions and feedback. Thank you. World Warfare Team
  9. Not the battlefield ID, please provide your player ID or gaming name Neither the name or ID is correct. Please check again.
  10. Provide your IDs so that we can distribute the gems
  11. Thank you everyone! We'd like to improve this feature, do you have any suggestions?
  12. Hello Commanders, An update including the video button is available. Please go to the App Store or Google Play Store to update and check the exciting videos. We are soliciting fine videos to fill up the content. Share your videos and earn free diamonds. However, for better experience of making, viewing and sharing the videos, we want to hear your voice about this feature! Please share your feedback, suggestion or advice with no hesitation! It can be the inconvenience of watching the videos, of making the videos or of experiencing the in-game video feature, e
  13. We have sent out the rewards. Check game mail. Thanks.
  14. Hello Commanders, The World Warfare HQ is about to release a new feature: Videos! You can't miss it out! As of lately, we have found that more and more commanders are enjoying the World Warfare game while recording or streaming a lot of their own exciting battles in the game, uploading video works about World Warfare on Youtube, which are constantly being liked and shared. These works are very interesting and fascinating. We really appreciate your support. In order to let more people have the opportunity to check and learn your battles, strategie
  15. Hello Commanders, S2 season has come to its next half. How is your battle manual going? According to our data, the owner of the highest level manual is Commander HUAWEI*FIGHTING, whose manual level is Lv. 47 for now. Congrats! Let us spare not efforts to gain more levels in order to get the final rewards! Speak of which, some of our commanders may still wonder how to upgrade the manual level and claim the rewards. Here is a guide for you guys. Check it out. Firstly, you need to go to the in-game store or the EVENTS button to purchase a battle manual. It's OK if yo
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