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  1. Commanders, S3 season is live now! How do you like the new features in this season? The HQ is eager to have your advice, suggestions or opinions. Please just leave them in the comment area. Thanks. Don't forget to finish the poll. 👊👊👊 World Warfare Team
  2. Greetings Commanders, S3 season is about to come in the middle of May. In this update, we also modified the battle manual. 1. We have extended the battle manual to 61 levels. From level 51 to level 61, we've added some items that will be used in S4 season; the final prize is a permanent skin for Carolina Battleship. 2. In this season, we've added new portraits, new unit skins, new city frame and new league emblem. Here is a sneak peek. 3. We've also added the new item: S3 Activity Point Card. Use it in the weekly events to excha
  3. Peter


    Go to the "Contact Us" button in the app. They will help.
  4. Hello Commanders, S3 season is coming soon in May! In this season, we will also add a new feature Officer Group that helps you to manage the officers conveniently. Here is a sneak peek at this feature: 1. Go to the Squad tab, edit the group. You have 2 free groups to edit. In order to get more groups, please acquire more Squad unlock cards which can be claimed from the S3 Battle Manual. 2. Save and activate the group you edited. 3. Remember to unlock the slots under dispatched officer tab. Otherwise, only the first 5 officers you edited will be
  5. Hello Commanders, S3 season is coming! In this season, we will still take map Battle of Agean as the event map. The difference is, this map is an updated one. Here is a introduction of the updated features. As you may know, in this map you have to defeat NPCs to gain the advantage and higher ranking. We have deepen this feature. More NPCs, such as super battleship, super fortress, super aircraft, have been added into the game. You can defeat these units to earn armaments, resources and buffs. Next go to the ci
  6. Hello Commanders, I believe you have had an outline of the upcoming submarine unit from the last 2 sitreps. Here is a picture of them in the game: Since submarines deal burst damage to the ships, we should have some method to detect and destroy them before they start attacking. How? Here is the answer: Destroyers. Both in real life and game, destroyers are the fine weapons to counter submarines. We granted the Z-Class destroyers a skill : Sonar Detection with a 5 minutes cooldown. Here is a picture for it: Activating this skill a
  7. We are still preparing the content. Don't have a specific time frame yet.
  8. We will bring your suggestions to the devs.
  9. We will keep developing the submarine units, more models will be introduced into the game.
  10. No specific data yet That would be taken into account. Thanks Destroyers. Follow me to get more info next. Lol
  11. Commanders, Here is another sitrep for the submarines. In this volume, we'll introduce the rough mechanic. Some will be optimized before the release. Sub’s role: Surprises the naval units, deals lethal damages and turns the tide. Sub’s status: There are 2 statuses for the subs: On water and Under water. When on water, its mechanic is the same as the other naval troops. But it has a button to Sink. There will be a timer for completing the sinking action. When under water, 1. it turns into invisible to the enemy/neutral
  12. Hello Commanders, As the S2 season is ending, S3 season is around the corner. In S3 season, we will bring in the much-anticipated unit: Submarine. The model is a Balao Class Submarine built by the US Navy during world war 2. Below are some pictures of it in real life. Just imagine how it works in the game. Lol. Please stay tuned! More spoilers are on the way! World Warfare Team
  13. Hello Commanders, The S2 season is about to close in days. Spare no efforts to rush the battle manual points from now! In this season, we offered some new portraits, new skins, new league emblem and the very new city frame, we also optimized the manual point gain from the seasonal missions. How do you like the adjustments? Please speak out freely what on your mind is. We are open to have your suggestions and feedback. Thank you. World Warfare Team
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