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World Warfare
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  1. I literally answered your question tho.... if there are no longer any enemy players in the map... the map will end. Nobody closes it necessarily....
  2. Um dude? I hate to break it to you but I don’t care about the company’s image. I criticize them a lot. Also, just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I work for them... if you actually made sense I would be able to help you. But as it stands, you don’t seem to have the interest in doing that but rather you want to just accuse them and pass the blame onto them.
  3. Again. I have no clue what you're going on about... Games only store your game on the device and if u delete that game then ofc the progress is deleted. As long as you sync with GameCenter the game will be saved even if you delete the game.
  4. It is multiplayer, it’s essentially the same game as mobile expect in the pc. And there is no cross device play. I’m not quite sure how long the game are yet
  5. It’s free. It will offer in game purchases if you want to buy that. Otherwise it’s free to play
  6. You said it yourself. If all enemies have been defeated, the map will close. There is no point in leaving a map open if it’s just you and your team in it. Once all enemy players are defeated, the map closes because u won the map. Declaring victory only works when the enemy players have admitted defeat and are willing to crown you winner. If there are no enemies left the the game ends.
  7. Waffles


    Contact the support. Very little people on forums can do to rectify it or even give you an answer as to what happened
  8. No idea what you’re talking about. If you have your games synced with Game Center your progress will stay even if you delete the game.
  9. Waffles


    Currently it’s set to release April 3 but that might change.
  10. Currently set to release April 3rd. Might change tho.
  11. MKV isn’t hired by joycrafter at all. He’s just a player. Also, you were probably getting notifications because there were other players in your league that were successfully able to download the update and decided to queue up for a new map. Also I have no idea what security concerns you are talking about. Most games automatically connect to Game Center and if you’re spending money on the game it’s your responsibility to do all that you can from your end to secure your account. MKV is right tho. Most cases a simple refresh of AppStore or restart of phone/device usually gets it back running, in the worst scenario, you need to reinstall the game.
  12. Waffles

    GODz help

    Only “contact us” will really have the power to do anything in game. Most gms don’t have any in game power to do much I believe devs and the people behind scenes can deal with actual game stuff.
  13. Waffles

    Voice Chat

    I’d let them figure out how to fix regular chat before thy even think of toying around with voice chat lol
  14. Well they took care of that. There is now a clearly established ToS. As for the rules I’m sure they will come up with those in a easier to read and follow fashion.
  15. Waffles

    chat broken

    Specify which part is broken. That way you will actually help fix it.
  16. I believe the extra construction slot will allow you to build two things at one time rather than just one.
  17. When you redownloaded the game your account and purchases usually stay with the account. As long as your account is linked to either Game Center, Facebook or another linking method you will be able to access your account even if you have to redownloaded the game. I don’t think the daily diamonds will be affected since it’s linked to your account and not the game u downloaded
  18. Go through the tutorial. Then restart the app. It will bring back the old account you had.
  19. just restart the game after you go thru the tutorial. I had the same issue. just go thru the tutorial. then close the app and reopen it.
  20. It said 2 hours both in the in-game mail and forum post. I'm not sure what you were looking at. I'll confirm once more when the servers come up but quite sure it was 2 hours. They gave a warning at least 2 hours (prob more) before the server went down. Also, I don't see why you would leave any troops like planes in the air for 6+ hours.
  21. To be fair they gave a heads up hours in advance. You should have planned better accordingly... They always said it was going to take 2 hours. It was never mentioned that it would only take 30 mins.
  22. You taking into account that Pst is ahead one hour because of daylight savings time? I'm guessing the update is really happening at 1m pst right?
  23. If there were rules and a TOS, who would come up with it? Would we want the developer to make it or would it be based on what the players want. And how would we aggregate all the rules players want if it were the players that came up with it? ps: I’m referring to who should come up with rules not tos. Tos is something the devs will def need to come up with.
  24. The only way I know of is through the friends list. If you have that member on ur friends list u can see how long ago they last logged in
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