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World Warfare
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  1. Speaking to the issue of server maintenance. Their needs to be an in game warning that allows up to put our troops into a safer position. Between troops starving due to long maintenances not ending at a convienient time, or just plain bad timing by disrupting on ongoing fight getting my troops killed.
  2. Having experienced this type of warfare first hand (simulation/re-enacting) I like the speed. It make planning and strategy a critical part of the game. I think if we make things faster we will have a runaway issue. I for one spend many hrs playing so it would help me a lot, but it would ruin battles quickly.
  3. I am not a fan of the Boston changes. It seems they took the home screen away. The icons were already to big and in the way, being able to remove them from the screen (toggle) would be awesome.
  4. Hauq

    Vive la France

    I have had the experiance of getting to know many people from other countries through online gaming. It's sad that we have to suffer evil. We have so much to enjoy from each others cultures. This , for me, makes me really glad I live in the USA were we have the second amendment ( the right to keep and bear arms ).
  5. Hauq

    League Upgrade

    How do you make a League Monument.
  6. Hauq


    Why is there a red exclamation point by my League name. How do I fix it.
  7. Hauq

    The Bug Report

    Here is another bug. I set up a transport to run every 4 hrs. 3-4 days ago. After delivery it has been stuck on the mountains ever since. I will delete it and try again now that I have captured the village nearby. Thanks ~Hauq~
  8. This looks awesome! Can we capture our battles like this?
  9. I just saw an advertisement in the middle of the battle screen. I am totally pissed that it happened. If you don't remove that from this game I will be quitting. ~Hauq~
  10. Hauq

    In game name changes

    Is there any to change in game name? My nephew messed his up.
  11. Hauq

    Territory Enclaves?

    There should not be a recsource that can only be controlled from one city. I thought if you owned the villages in between the rec field and your city you could control it?
  12. Did I see " aircraft carrier" used in a paragraph above? That would be awesome! I would suggest slightly larger bodies of water though.
  13. My in game name is Hauq. It is the same as my profile name here.
  14. My in game name is Hauq. It is the same as my name here.
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