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World Warfare
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Should there be more German weapons?


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I believe we should have more German weapons, since we only have the Panzer III kpfw, Tiger I, Tiger II, and Maus.

Reason 1: knowing the fact about how many allied weapons there are, there should be an equivalent amount of Axis weapons.

Reason 2: Germany is well credited for their engineering advances, because we all know they invented rockets in the first place.

Question: But wouldn't that be too OP?

Answer: well, most weapons would be OP if you use them correctly, but yes most German weapons are OP, for example, you have the Maus, which is OP most of the time. So are the strategic bombers, they're OP when you spam them to a certain area, or basically OP in general.


  • Panzer IV Kpfw
  • Messerschmitt (any kind)
  • good old Panzer II with anti-air
  • U-boat (already suggested it)
  • Bismark (already suggested)
  • Soldats that can be equipped with researched weapons in the research facility
  • Panzerfaust 
  • German Artillery

Any suggestions or remarks? PM me @Blaskowitz in-game or if you have time, please reply below, Danke sehr! 

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Does it matter really? Poor Japan was missed entirely. The Zero was probably one of the best fighters in the war. Perhaps in a later version, without changing the mechanics of the game, you could just select a nationality for your troops....or hint hint....allow players to purchase "skins" for their troops so they would look like either German, Japanese, British,American, Italian or whatever. (Ok, don't I deserve some diamonds for that last suggestion? Lol)

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