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World Warfare
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  1. I think their should be missle armaments, V1s and V2s, V1s would be in your normal base while the V2s are unlocked in LC
  2. I'll try it I'll let u know if it works
  3. Yeah and also day/night cycles
  4. Bigger league size so you destroy newer people quicker?
  5. One thing and that's 1. Controlling turets would make tanks useless on attacks if there are no ground troops defending but other than that and 4. (It would render infintary useless) I agree
  6. (I like quoting but that's off topic) you only said half of what I did btw
  7. Yes they should be taken seriously and not joked about
  8. We need the German 800 meter railroad gun
  9. Nearly a year later and still no railroad
  10. Or maybe their phone died and then had to go somewhere so they couldn't save it
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