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World Warfare
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Community Answers

  1. Peter, are you secretly Charles Porter?
  2. See kids! Whining DOES get you somewhere!
  3. Nope, you can easily counter them with bombers, I will say the range is crazy though.
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  6. The only thing I would add to this post is that I also understand the problems with lag and how Blitz might be the cause of it.
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    Why can’t you login, is it Facebook or Gamecenter?
  8. Lol that may be true but I just don’t like the toxic behavior, forums are for how to make the game better yes?
  9. So I’ve been playing the new Blitzkrieg mode now for about three weeks now and I can officially say it’s been the most rewarding and painful experience ever. By rewarding I mean that I love the fast movement and sweeping attacks that are literally the definition of Blitz Krieg. As a person who’s childhood was lost in books and documentaries, this is better than anything I have ever seen. Now that I’ve played it however, now I’m used to the speed and I can’t do anything in the normal battlefield without thinking “Is this really laggy or am I being an idiot”? While the second part of that phrase might be right, is this just me or do we need to satisfy everybody’s addiction?
  10. Hm.... go to “contact me” alright? Explain situation
  11. I mean, I need fuel. My body converts food into fuel.... All bad jokes aside, can you send a screenshot?
  12. You both need to stop. Instead of having an actual “ bug” or “problem” with the game, now this thread is a back and forth between you two salty kids. This thread was meant to address an actual problem which I like because Players trying to improve a game is never a bad thing . Now this is thread is housing a personal problem. You guys are slowly but steadily making yourselves look like two kids having a fight. If I see one more mention of somebody being “arrogant” or being “not intelligible”, I will personally find a way for you two to be locked in a battle field until you two sort things out. This is embarrassing.
  13. For the command function, I set it up so that an infantryman is sent to cap multiple areas but he doesn’t go do that. He just stays there.....
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