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  1. Which is a great idea, but the only time they did a beta they didn't include all of the features and didn't take the time before launch to fix the game breaking issues we warned them about.
  2. Because I've been through all of that several times over with several different people through contact us. Again. Learn to read. I've had the same chat going with them for months trying to get things taken care of. You wanna be a smart ass and talk about "I give them screen shots" well who the fuck doesn't that doesn't? Make your reporting better, "repeatability" despite the fact that raiddawg just told you he has those issues too. As for "crying like a petulant child" go ahead and find one other post from me from the last 6 months on forums. I dare you. Because you won't find one. Why?
  3. And yet there are many people who do. And complain about them. And considering I play on 2 different devices yet it happens on both I highly doubt that
  4. There's also more than one way to get gems. Does that mean gems are a handout? And there's prob gonna be some kind of cool down period so you can't just hoard rss then purchase a shit ton at once. And what can you do with every cool down in the game? Gem it. Mans you clearly don't understand the definition of USED TO. "I used to complain about the lack of content until the glitches became game breaking." Which you clearly can't comprehend. So I'll explain it. I COMPLAINED IN THE PAST ABOUT NO CONTENT. I DONT COMPLAIN NOW ABOUT NEW CONTENT. BECAUSE THE GLITCHES, WHICH ARE WHAT IS CAUSING
  5. Okay first off you can purchase in field resources with gems. And how in the fuck is that complaining about both? I said I USED to complain about lack of content. Clearly you can't read. Then gave a suggestion on how they more properly balance their their time. Then gave an example of a company that used to do an excellent balance. Once again you can purchase in field rss. Learn to read. Ultimately my point was Joycraft would rather their game go to shit and be non playable but with more content. That no one would be able to play. No ones complaining about the o
  6. What breaks them is the fact that I'm guessing your tech is around the 50's like most. There are people in the 100's already giving their units a 40% boost over yours. That's game breaking. And if it was just one or the other it wouldn't be a big deal. When you have 3 different pay to win systems going at once, being the original tech tree, the new tech tree, the generals, and now the new HQ tech tree, it unbalances everything. Yet the glitch that causes troops to disappear is still there over a year later. The crashing got worse to where none of the guys in contact us will answer me for
  7. NOT TO MENTION the fact that Half of these issues have been going on for over a year. And every time they get fixed they get screwed up again with the very next update
  8. Okay, I see your analogy. Now add the fact that for everyday you don't fix the issues another dedicated soldier jumps ship, finds a new home, and gives the new ship their money instead. Cutting your resources every. Single. Time. Someone jumps. Because these issues you're talking about are why dedicated players are leaving. Then add in the fact that the number of people available to fix the cabin issues are the same people that make the entertainment. If you even have a single person working on new stuff, that's one less person working on the existing issues. Now let's say you h
  9. So, instead of didn't the unreliability issues, the crashing issues, the various other glitches, you find it more important to create yet another money grab. I still have yet to get compensation for having to spend 22k gems because even though I landed my troops in my city they took off in the middle of the update killing everything.
  10. Didn't your teachers ever tell you that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and doesn't have reliable information?
  11. What fuckin aircraft carrier ever existed that had deck guns to shoot ships and ground units? AA makes sense. Deck guns on an aircraft carrier, which would defeat the purpose of an airfield at sea mind you, would be op as fuck on these things especially when you consider the fact that IT HOLDS MORE FIRE POWER. THIS IS NOT WHAT ANYONE MEANT BY BEING ABLE TO DEFEND ITSELF.
  12. This post is 9 months old, and back then no you couldn't. My bad, I went further back. It's over a year old. Completely irrelevant now.
  13. Boredomfalls


    Did this bug add to their league score from kills they got by players attacking them?
  14. Boredomfalls


    When did the Waffen SS join the Chinese league?
  15. Expanding units does NOT increase their range
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