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Found 4 results

  1. Is it just me or anyone else also feels like you should be able to land in ally cities. What's the point of being an ally if you go to his city for help and then can't load or land. Also I'm pretty satisfied with new blitzkrieg mod but I think in one of the mods league players limit should be changed from 20 to lower maybe 10 or 5. Playing same thing again and again it gets boring and having less league players in atleast one of the maps will give new players a chance to fight against others.
  2. I believe we should have more German weapons, since we only have the Panzer III kpfw, Tiger I, Tiger II, and Maus. Reason 1: knowing the fact about how many allied weapons there are, there should be an equivalent amount of Axis weapons. Reason 2: Germany is well credited for their engineering advances, because we all know they invented rockets in the first place. Question: But wouldn't that be too OP? Answer: well, most weapons would be OP if you use them correctly, but yes most German weapons are OP, for example, you have the Maus, which is OP most of the time. So are the strategic bombers, they're OP when you spam them to a certain area, or basically OP in general. Ideas? Panzer IV Kpfw Messerschmitt (any kind) good old Panzer II with anti-air U-boat (already suggested it) Bismark (already suggested) Soldats that can be equipped with researched weapons in the research facility Panzerfaust German Artillery Any suggestions or remarks? PM me @Blaskowitz in-game or if you have time, please reply below, Danke sehr!
  3. It would be great to see allies being able to transport each other's troops. It would make for good friendships and improve the quality of alliances working together. Or if someone likes to build ships or aircraft even they get to focus on what they love most. Myself, I love the tanks... I want an army of them! Slow that they are, but my friend loves air craft and he's got his bombers and his transports to land me right into the action for a neat surprise attack. The enemy has a strong island to the west of us, my boat friend can send my tanks across and my air friend can come in right after I destroy those turrets! The boat friend is at the other side taking out the enemy's dock. All sorts of stuff can come about with being able to transport each others troops!
  4. Jio


    A few things... First enemy destroyed a nearby city base but as it started to conquer it I sent my forces to stop them. I wasted 4 tanks, 2 fighters, 2 infantry and 1 bomber but I destroyed the enemy before it had a chance to capture it, however my infantry couldn't capture the ally city. It just sits there waiting to be capture by another enemy. Why can't I capture my ally cities? The ally player never did anything and it is just sitting there open with the big capture sign on it waiting for anyone to get it. The enemy started to capture it with a smaller force which I successfully destroyed but it has become a burden to my resources. How do I keep it from being a flank to my bases? Can I lock it? Can I become the owner of it? Please let me know. I've wasted a lot of troops defending it and it's not even mine. Meanwhile I got enemy attacking the nearby base that I use to defend it.
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