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World Warfare
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Sneak Peek at the New Map-Battle of the Atlantic


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Hello Commanders,


S4 season is around the corner, it will start in late August. In this season, we will introduce a new map with new mechanics. This map is based on the real geography, as you can see from the picture, it's the Atlantic, part of North America, South America, Europe and Africa. The movement speed in this map is 2X that helps you to move quickly.



In this map, we added some imagined rebel cities in the middle of the Atlantic, as you can see from the picture below. The rebel cities and military zones are garrisoned with VERY STRONG rebel armies, think about the casualty before you determine to attack them.



We also added some special units in this map, you can destroy these units to get high scores and bonus attack versus NPCs. Don't forget to read the description of these units before you attack them, the are stronger than the armies in the rebel cities. By the way, they are in the center of the map and spawn on the 2nd day.



You may have noticed some special icons on the top, see picture below. These are 2 special effects for a map, one is bonus, the other is penalty. There are 5 bonuses and 5 penalties in the random pool for now, they will generate randomly on every map, so you will see different effects on different maps. Decide how to expand your territories wisely on every map.



That's the sneak peek at the new map. Should you have any comments, suggestions or advice, please PM me or go to the "Contact Us". Thank you in advance.



World Warfare Team

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