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World Warfare
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  1. This map can be wonderful if; 1) No free arms or like we use to have in other bfs 2) No this much XP from rebels 3) Enlarge the bf landscape 30% more and add 30% more players. Limit the league players to 10. i believe the speed of the game is ok. Also why don’t you think adding new units like submarines this time?
  2. I also suggested sometime ago an auto spread function. This will change the whole story.
  3. I totally agree with Vitoria, why don’t you combine tank and artillery inter one tree and open a slot for ships? So that people can start with tankers and switch to artillery after sometime. You can do the same for flaks and bombers. They can be under one group.
  4. Dear Developers, pls let us know before you are starting a maintenance. Specially the ones who takes more than 2 hours. To be honest I would like to learn what would happen my gigs on the air, and my battleships.
  5. As a classic I guess Battle of Britain
  6. Here are some topics I want to mention; 1) Duration of the bf is good but reaching bombers or ships are not Possible. So more resource should be given. 2) Everyone one complaining about steel production. Due to that game turned to be a light tanks battle 3) Gemming should be limited and there should be shield only for 2h. 4) as it is in cup, some units should be unlocked according to achievements.
  7. Peter, most players thinks it’s a kind of bf where players will spend all their gems. In order to make it more balanced, I suggest to limit the gem amounts like 5k per day.
  8. I hope no gemming will be allowed.
  9. Rebel units suddenly move faster than usual. It starts normally later gets faster.
  10. Cengiz90

    Cannot login

    Same for me. I lost 2 of my alt accounts
  11. Cengiz90

    Cannot login

    Dear Devs, more than 5h I cannot login. Even if I manage after 8 reboot and 3 reinstall, I only reached main lobby. But later it dropped me out. No way from IPad or IPhone. Pls help.
  12. There are a lot of new players who don’t have much experience and couldn’t upgrade their battle techs. Why don’t you make this new map tech-free. So that new players can able to have equal conditions regarding their experience opponents. Also pls limit the alliance numbers, if there will be less cities, this means less leagues. Limit the alliance to max 3m
  13. On the other hand, why don’t you open this issue to vote. At the end of the day we are the players and you don’t ask our ideas!
  14. Totally agree. You are making a new map from original but not keeping it.
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