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World Warfare
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  1. Does your team draw new medals? they are very fantasy. it started with new medals for the battle for the bay. old medals realistic
  2. Navy....Gemm marking rating🤢😋
  3. Formation "The Ninth Roman Legion" 😜
  4. class TANKER for my brother MadCow ❤️
  5. почему ты выдаешь мое видео за свое?
  6. Name: KURSK ID: 566164 https://youtu.be/dqnJ23iL9ow
  7. KURSK my girls. Merry Christmas
  8. 1. I think that a technique expanded to level 5 should receive an ability or a powerful bonus. 2. We have three classes of technology with abilities that we upgrade for gold coins. There should be a tactic that we can improve. 3. Tactics that give a bonus for the extraction of resources of one administrative zone are not relevant, it should work for the total extraction of the city. 4. TIGER B should appear earlier. Fields have become fast, voting appears earlier than the plant is level 14. Few will play on them, they will also die from the M40 and bombers but the tanker will ha
  9. просто сделай х2 скорость. В игре так много проблем, и карты не проблема, их много, и все они хороши. работать на баланс и лаги
  10. What can change the game for the better, you do not like. It makes no sense to write the same thing in every topic.
  11. The global was good at x2 speed. why don't you make two global options, the first with a speed of x2 and the second with any changes. players must have a choice They already did the voting, asking what speed on the global they want, the majority voted for x2 but they did x1))))))))
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