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World Warfare
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  1. so many comments and almost everyone is ready to ruin the game. we know how engineers work, they add a new icon and will fix the bugs that are dragging on this icon for a month. you just need to change the damage m40 and flak vs tanks and add for tanks the attack range, vision and protection from artillery from 2000 to 3000 or 5000 for example (you need a test)......this will be the first step. later I will be ready to tell you about the second step
  2. Salvo is a bad idea. tanks require a lot of control. players are used to throwing m40 and aa in one pile and waiting for dozens of healings. tanks are another story. reduce damage against tanks at m40 and flaks, add speed, vision. all have a bonus in the forest, but not tanks. give a bonus in the form of protection to tanks in the forest. make wide roads, tanks often go off-road on roads. transferring tigers from level 10 to level 8 was the best idea in this game. but you forgot about the king tiger. you added the voting game, the field began to close much earlier and the level 14 fa
  3. teach me how to make mouse on the first day of the game
  4. the tanks are fine. you overestimated the indicators of flaks and m40. it is necessary to reduce the damage to the flaks and m40. repair roads, the units drive along them as if off-road. also tanks need more vision.
  5. Does your team draw new medals? they are very fantasy. it started with new medals for the battle for the bay. old medals realistic
  6. Navy....Gemm marking rating🤢😋
  7. Formation "The Ninth Roman Legion" 😜
  8. class TANKER for my brother MadCow ❤️
  9. почему ты выдаешь мое видео за свое?
  10. Name: KURSK ID: 566164 https://youtu.be/dqnJ23iL9ow
  11. 1. I think that a technique expanded to level 5 should receive an ability or a powerful bonus. 2. We have three classes of technology with abilities that we upgrade for gold coins. There should be a tactic that we can improve. 3. Tactics that give a bonus for the extraction of resources of one administrative zone are not relevant, it should work for the total extraction of the city. 4. TIGER B should appear earlier. Fields have become fast, voting appears earlier than the plant is level 14. Few will play on them, they will also die from the M40 and bombers but the tanker will ha
  12. просто сделай х2 скорость. В игре так много проблем, и карты не проблема, их много, и все они хороши. работать на баланс и лаги
  13. What can change the game for the better, you do not like. It makes no sense to write the same thing in every topic.
  14. The global was good at x2 speed. why don't you make two global options, the first with a speed of x2 and the second with any changes. players must have a choice They already did the voting, asking what speed on the global they want, the majority voted for x2 but they did x1))))))))
  15. 1. необходимо решить проблемы с оптимизацией игры, чтобы не потерять войну. 2. переделать AoE. 100% уничтожили игру и все классы. m40, которые появляются в первый день. Я молчу про фердинантов. не играбельная единица. игра представляет собой пищеварительную цепь, в которой canonir находится наверху.
  16. ожидания превзошли реальность ... еще раз ... 8 сундук 👎
  17. Fresh and not very ideas 🤗 1. For the city league add technology, as for ordinary cities. it can be a bonus in the speed of resource extraction, the capacity of the transport of the league, its speed and much more 2. Add a nice bonus to the unit, if it is studied to the maximum. it makes no sense to study it to the end, it gives little benefit at the end. bonus in the form of additional speed / damage / armor / range will be a good motivator 3. Add new tactics when getting the next rank. after CW4 II, the meaning of the rank is lost, and +10 tactics a
  18. x1 speed makes you cry. stay in the forest again and beat. How do you not understand that this speed and AOE 100% break all classes and make an imbalo gunner? make the speed x2, reduce the AOE, 100% is not in any game. add new tactics for rank. create technology to improve tactics. make a bonus for the maximum improvement techniques in the tree. In the commercial center, it is worth making the chosen cities, the royal tiger to be made possible from level 12. M40 reduce armor, increase Junkers health My name: KURSK x1 скорость заставляет тебя плакать. остаться в лесу снова и бит
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