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World Warfare
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Join Crisis Fringe, Win Permanent Tiger Tank Skin


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Crisis Fringe is becoming popular after it's release. How is your fight in this map? In order to warm up your passion on playing this map, we have decided to give you a big bonus: the permanent tiger tank skin. Lol. As long as you are active and aggressive, you will have the chance to win this bonus. Here are some details:


1. Players who join the Crisis Fringe will have the chance to win some Chests of Surplus Materials when this map ends. The amount of the chests are decided by your final rankings on the battlefield. On this map, your result rewards are as followed :  


 Please notice that ONLY on this map will you gain the Chests of Surplus Materials.


2. We have added more than one material in this chest. Please check picture below. The last column is the probability you can get the items.



3. The first 10 commanders that gain the permanent skin will get some extra diamonds. And the rewards will be sent out manually after this event.



4. Event Duration: June 27th 2019-July 26th 2019


5. Note: If you are so lucky to gain the permanent skin more than once, the extra items can be converted into diamonds by using them.


Should you have any questions, please leave your comments below or PM me. Lol.


Thank you so much.

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On 3/22/2019 at 2:23 PM, Peter said:


Camouflage is of the important talents a predator has. We are excited to announce that a new appearance for the tiger tanks is around the corner. We decided to call it the Desert Camouflage, it's eye-catching to equip this skin on the battlefield. Now let's take a look at it:

1.A close look at the Tiger tanks with Desert Camouflage.


2.How to equip it:

  • Go the technology interface, find tiger tank, tap the button "Finishes"


  • Choose that finish and equip it. We added a tad bit bonus on this skin, thinking it's not that crucial for a battle. Should you have questions on this, please let us know. 


3. How to acquire it:

  • Daily login rewards of April and after
  • Discount Packs
  • Premium store
  • Other events


Should you have any questions or opinions, please leave your comments under this thread. Thank you.


World Warfare Team


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 I liked this map version    It would be better if the teams could not ally if you’re going to have five man teams. One league can divide up into factions and take the map.  It would be interesting to bring back gold mines like you had in the first map or two  also there was a few glitches some troops and labels disappeared    Troops suddenly respond in the middle of taking cities but overall the concept was very good I love how the cities upgrade themselves.  I love the space you gave people to.  It gives newer players a chance to build up   

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