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Found 4 results

  1. -Iowa class Battleship- -produced at LC level 4. HP: 49,000 Speed: 3.26 Sight: 250 Attack range: 325 Fuel: 15H Food: 7.5H Ammo: 7H -Attack Damage- Infantry: 1000 Vehicle: 1300 Armor: 1200 Ship: 2500 Air: 800 Sub: 2500 -Battlefield Technology- Speed: +10% HP: +10% Attack: +10% Float plane: extends sight to 400 for 5min duration. 30 min cool down. (used in the same manner as GiG shaf) -Cost of production - Cash: 20,000 Oil: 5,000 Steel: 8,500 Rubber: 2,500
  2. Ships don't show up when u supply troops at ur capital even though they are within ur area how do I supply Ships because one of my transports starved to death.
  3. Last night I filled my transport ship with LVL 5 arts. Check back this morning they're all gone but my troop total didn't move. But the artillery isn't anywhere in any of my bases or anything. Refilled my ship this afternoon with large tanks and medium tanks all level 5 set it out to travel to an island come back select the ship and click unload on the land. Error messages says troops can't unload. Check troop list in my ship and see nothing there, so once again had troops disappear off of my transport ship. Re-enter my port city try to load new things in there for the third time with an error message saying that there is no vacant transport spots. Yet my ship shows its empty. Also, my transport planes won't drop anyone even though they are also full. Very frustrating to completely and utterly lose troops out of no where, especially being maxed levels. Even worse when I can't use any transport vehicles because it says they're full but they can't unload anything ever.
  4. Just recently got the ability to build the different ships for my city. I started and produced one large battleship however, when I went to my naval yard to build it the yard only said I was missing armament. Next I went and produced armament for each other the other 3 three ships. Waited until armament production was done and went to try to create those ships. Non of them were possible in the naval yard saying I was missing armament. I haven't been able to produce any ships at all because of this.
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