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Found 17 results

  1. JuanMarcos

    Not charge

    my game is stuck on this screen when I enter. and it stays like this forever, it doesn't carry anything anymore. Can someone help me ? My device is a samsumg a50, but I already tested it on a mi 8 lite and I had the same problem! Image: https://prntscr.com/texi0w
  2. Paxtonia

    Airbase loading bug

    109-7631 bf ID. Can't load planes into league airbase
  3. Paxtonia

    Airbase loading bug

    109-7631 bf ID. Can't load planes into league airbase
  4. Idk if this is a bug or I'm just missing something, but I can't seem to train certain troops. For example In the aviation section in the munitions factory I can only train 4 units (scout, small transport, Michelle bomber, and mustang fighter) I can't train the large transport, strategic bomber, or the jet fighter. The army branch is similar, I can train some units but not others??
  5. Sunsy1

    Cant login

    Hay is there maintence or something going on me and some of my league mates were busy on isle and then the game crashes and we cant get onto the feild please fix this now...we were taking middle to
  6. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I captured a city which my allies had destroyed for me and suddenly It was fully repaired and instantly pacified! I didn't use any gems or anything, so me and all my allies were pretty damn confused since it had never happened before. PS. it's my birthday :3
  7. Commanders, Update 4 We have fixed 3 main chat issues including: 1.Red dots are always there no matter if there are new messages. 2.Chat switches automatically to BF channle or Main Screen channel. 3.BF and League Channle can't connect to chat server in certain battlefield. We are waiting for approval from Apple and Google Play on the update. Plz update this game when its out! UPDATE 3 We are sincerely sorry for the unpleasant chat experience. The third party has been working hard to help us optimize it. We won't stop improving it. Previous chat system doesn't support auto translate feature. That's why we can't change it back.Thanks a million for your support and patience. Our tech support has fixed the following issues once they found it. Now Google Play has released it and we are waiting for the approval of Apple. Please update it once it is out. -Fixed a bug where you could receive chats from battlefield/league you quit. -Fixed a bug where game crashed when Contact Us was selected. Now we received report that chat switches automatically to another chat with new messages. Our tech support is looking into it. Thanks for your help commanders! We have received lots of feedback on chat issues. Actually we specially asked a third party app for help to fix previous chat lag issue. So didn't expect this coming. Sorry for the sufferings. Now we have been collecting info for tech support to figure it out asap. Please report chat issues with screenshots here or via Contact Us and help us test it if possible. Any details may help and please sort the issue out according to following : Can't send messages out in all or certain chat channels. Always get "Message Failed" mark. Resent it but still didn't work. In this occasion, please help us with a test: change your internet form to another solid one and re-log in to see if it helps. Let us know the result. Chat lags. It takes hours to get pm. Never get pm sent by my mates! This issue is more complicated. It would be great if you can contact each other in another chat app for test. For sender,please tell us which one is your occasion at that time: -Pm were sent successfully. -Pm were sent successfully only after being resent several times. (For the second occasion, please help us test if you could send messages out successfully in other channels at that moment.) For receiver: Please ask others to send you pm and see if you can get messages from them successfully without lag. Please notice if you can get that pm sent by your mates eventually. Thanks for your genuine support dear commanders! Update 1: Message Length Update 2: Certain Words
  8. I'm in silver cup match... battle ID 1093147. I sent munitions from city 228 to city 88. The log shows it completed but the munitions did not get transferred, they disappeared. I also attempted to repair a destroyed building in league city 222. There were not enough funds, so I transferred enough to cover the cost of the repair, again the log shows the transfer completed and the cash indicator shows an increase in the funds. But, when I attempt to initiate the repair, the program says there are not enough funds and won't initiate the repair.
  9. So I was resetting tactics and found that even though the notification said it would use the new purple currency it uses diamonds instead (I started with 15000~ diamonds but it got down to that amount). Small bug. Please fix. d:
  10. I believe the primary source for most crashes is a null reference error. This happens when you select a troop the server believes is technically dead. This server comes back with a list of troops you have selected and one of them is null because the troops doesn't technically exist anymore. This is fairly common in multiplayer games, the solution is the client needs to be able to handle the null reference. The error specifically with having dead troops selected. That is why this crash is far more common for people who often keep there whole armies selected during big battles. Personally this affects me greatly and a number of other users as well I assume. There is another bug of which I haven't been able to define a cause which makes every building you own lose 1 health. Not a big deal but what ever the cause is might be a potential exploit.
  11. I have seen a lot of 1 player leagues in my battlefield. And I've allied with them and Asked them to join my league. They want to join. But can't leave their league. How is some one supposed to join another league if they can't leave the one they made?
  12. Selecting the transport under the 125 transport gives this view and does not allow access to the uniti battle bronze cup 1041597 , bladeguner, ID 101 ?
  13. Just recently got the ability to build the different ships for my city. I started and produced one large battleship however, when I went to my naval yard to build it the yard only said I was missing armament. Next I went and produced armament for each other the other 3 three ships. Waited until armament production was done and went to try to create those ships. Non of them were possible in the naval yard saying I was missing armament. I haven't been able to produce any ships at all because of this.
  14. I have a city near some mountains that separate another city of mine and I've been trading resources between the two once or twice hourly. Nothing bad happened for the first day or two of this until I got online and the trucks rerouted themselves to go over the mountains which they can't so they are stranded at the base of the mountains and I can't move them.
  15. The battlefield messages shows an indicator that there are messages, but when you go there the log is blank
  16. There seemed to be a slight problem with the system announcements
  17. I have been told that you can't truce when under fire. We just had a case where this city was truced even thou we had just attacked it with artillery.
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