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Found 8 results

  1. The league city has no naval units. I plan on helping solve what should be added and at what level. Please if you have ideas be descriptive. Monument- Iowa class Battleship- HP-49,000/ Speed-.8/ Sight-250/ Attack Range-305 Fuel-15H/ Food-24H/ Ammo-6H Defense type- ship 1000 Attack: Infantry-1000/ Vehicle-1400/ Armor-1300/ Ship-2500/ Building-1900/ Submarine-2000 Production cost- 30min to produce and 20min to build. cash-20,000/ Oil-5000/ Steel-7000/ Rubber-2000 Battle technology: -HP & Speed +10% -Attack against all +10% -Float plane, launch from the slingshots on the fantail. Extends sight to 400 for a 5min duration with a 30min cool down. -Dept Charges, damage range of 180. Causing damage to subs within damage range at 5% of max HP every min the submarine stays submerged.
  2. -Iowa class Battleship- -produced at LC level 4. HP: 49,000 Speed: 3.26 Sight: 250 Attack range: 325 Fuel: 15H Food: 7.5H Ammo: 7H -Attack Damage- Infantry: 1000 Vehicle: 1300 Armor: 1200 Ship: 2500 Air: 800 Sub: 2500 -Battlefield Technology- Speed: +10% HP: +10% Attack: +10% Float plane: extends sight to 400 for 5min duration. 30 min cool down. (used in the same manner as GiG shaf) -Cost of production - Cash: 20,000 Oil: 5,000 Steel: 8,500 Rubber: 2,500
  3. Ipad

    Tournaments enter

    We are recruiting in our squad. Enter the squad Grosser-Bruder and at 19:00 we start the tournament. There are only 10 members too!!! Hurry up!!!!
  4. Please consider linking larger bodies of water by small channels of water so we can move large amounts of troops across entire map. Just by adding channels, you will allow for a new level of strategy and give smaller leagues and single players a better chance to take area and harass enemies.
  5. I thoroughly enjoy Isles of War but it only is available for a short time. Global war gets boring being on the same map all the time. I can't stand spawning into a game and being landlocked in the middle of a huge continent. I suggest bringing back Isles of War to stay permanently or having a map like it as a permanent option
  6. I'm actually quite curious as to why the battleship does nothing to air units? I know it would make this ship OP as heck, but let's face it. During the time, they were massively OP. now I'm not suggesting a massive armament of .50 cal and bofors but the original design for the North Carolina class Battleship included a small amount of 40mm bofors and .50 cal and was increased largely during the war. Why not implement the original AA defense but make it weak, obviously, but give the Battleship a chance to defend herself if the battlegroup died.
  7. Jlee

    Beached ships

    I have two naval vessels that appear to have beached themselves while returning to port. Are they stuck forever, or is there a trick to get them unstuck? Never mind. I found the other post on this topic. Thanks.
  8. So this is something I've found a little obnoxious and would possibly like to see implemented in the future. So as everyone knows, depending on where your city lies you will either need a navy, or you won't. This is a given. The thing that I don't like though is when you need a navy to protect your coastline, your navy takes up some of your troops limit. Say I have to use 5 naval ships to protect my coast and I have 20 avaliable troop space, that's 5 space I don't get to use for my army. It almost makes it unfair because you might have someone next to you ( with no coastline so no need for navy) outnumber you because you're worried about navy, army, and airforce when your enemy just needs to worry about army and airforce. It gives them an advantage, plus your navy is obviously useless against them as they are not near the coastline. Sorry for my English here, it's not the best. Please take this into consideration though as I have seen it happen where somebody is beaten not because the person they were batteling was better, but because they just simply didn't have the troops avaliable to win due to they needed a navy. So to recap, I believe that there should be a Seperate troop limit for your navy.
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