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World Warfare
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  1. It’s simple tanks are supposed to be scary so make them scary when a tank unit but only tigers and all other tank units after that can be made get within a range of 100 the defense of Those units within range gets taken away or subtracted by 500
  2. If you beef up the tanks we need to also make sure the tank destroyers and anti tank guns are as well. #keep the balance.
  3. Merry Christmas! USMCland 37747
  4. Happy Halloween Game name USMCland ID: 37747
  5. Have it be a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness
  6. I agree. We need LC naval units and submarines to make things more interesting. Let’s make a sniper unit able to extend the attack range of battleships into the sniper units sight range, but only works in coastal territory zones. This will increase The use of naval units in maps where naval units are harder to use.
  7. Will Naval LC troops be added in the next update?
  8. Otto Kretschmer He earned the nickname "Silent Otto" both for his successful use of the "silent running" capability of U-boats as well as for his reluctance to transmit radio messages during patrols. After the war, he served in the German Federal Navy and retired in 1970 with the rank of Flottillenadmiral (flotilla admiral). Successes -40 ships sunk -3 auxiliary warships sunk -1 warship sunk -1 ship sunk -5 ships damaged -2 ships a total loss -Bonus to Submarines- —HP +20% —Speed +25% —Attack +35% —A
  9. League city level 3 Balao Class Submarine Surfaced HP-4,000/ Surfaced Speed-3.42/ Surfaced Sight-300. Submerged HP-10,000/ Submerged Speed-1.72/ Submerged Sight-150. Attack Range-200/ Attack Range vs Air 250 Attack: Ship-2500/ Air-1400/ Submarine-2500 Fuel-36H/ Food-48H/ Ammo-24min Defense type- Ship 1000 (surfaced). Defense type- Ship +3000 (submerged). Production Cost: 20min to produce & 15min to build. Cash-8,000/ Oil-1500/ Steel-2500/ Rubber-1500 Battle technology: -HP & Speed +10% -Attack +10% -
  10. League city level 5 Alaska class Heavy Cruiser HP-21,000/ Speed-2.0/ Sight-300/ Attack Range-280. Fuel-13H/ Food-13H/ Ammo-5.5H Defense type- ship 1000 Attack: Infantry-800/ Vehicle-900/ Armor-850/ Building-1000/ Ship-1500/ Air-1400/ Submarine-1500. Production cost: 25min to produce & 18min to build Cash-10,000/ Oil-2500/ Steel-4500/ Rubber-1000 Battle Technology: -HP & Speed +10% -Attack against all +10% -AOE size +100% for 5min duration. 30min cool down. -Full Speed Ahead +100% to speed & +5% to Attac
  11. The league city has no naval units. I plan on helping solve what should be added and at what level. Please if you have ideas be descriptive. Monument- Iowa class Battleship- HP-49,000/ Speed-.8/ Sight-250/ Attack Range-305 Fuel-15H/ Food-24H/ Ammo-6H Defense type- ship 1000 Attack: Infantry-1000/ Vehicle-1400/ Armor-1300/ Ship-2500/ Building-1900/ Submarine-2000 Production cost- 30min to produce and 20min to build. cash-20,000/ Oil-5000/ Steel-7000/ Rubber-2000 Battle technology: -HP & Speed +10% -Attack
  12. -Iowa class Battleship- -produced at LC level 4. HP: 49,000 Speed: 3.26 Sight: 250 Attack range: 325 Fuel: 15H Food: 7.5H Ammo: 7H -Attack Damage- Infantry: 1000 Vehicle: 1300 Armor: 1200 Ship: 2500 Air: 800 Sub: 2500 -Battlefield Technology- Speed: +10% HP: +10% Attack: +10% Float plane: extends sight to 400 for 5min duration. 30 min cool down. (used in the same manner as GiG shaf) -Cost of production - Cash: 20,000 Oil: 5,000 Steel: 8,500 Rubber: 2,500
  13. Improve what resources you start with at the beginning of each map based on what class you are. This will help get to the desired city level faster for the troops Needed based on the class.
  14. For League city’s in all maps. Should be able to build defenses in the LC area to defend LC.
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