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World Warfare
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  1. Make a que to begin the map when que is 75% full everyone drops in the map at the same time in different areas so teams are split up and have to work to fight and group up. Also make a fast pace map where if you kill a resource vehicle you obtain a random number and type of unit. @Peter
  2. No they need speed increased and special attack activation range increased as well as destroyers sonar ability range increased. Also give bombers attack against subs and subs attack against aircraft. Then add them to all maps please. @Peter
  3. Air assault !
  4. Expand the sonar range and expand the attack ability range.
  5. I think the timer will be a good change. Thank you for that. As for the HP I think the focus should be on the activation range or speed to get to the activation range. Usmcland 37747
  6. @Peter -Officers and Battle technology that apply to all units and all naval units currently don’t work for subs. This should be fixed. This will help with the speed. -Sub special attack: —Option 1: If subs are out of range while they conduct their special attack they still attack but with half the effects of bonuses. —Option 2: If subs are out of range while they conduct their special attack they still attack with full bonuses but the bonus effects only last 1 minute. -Time for surfacing submerging and special attack: Special attack 3min, Submerging 30 seconds, surfacing 3 minutes. ***Emergency dive: deals 50% damage to max HP and submerges immediately.*** ***Emergency blow: deals 50% damage to max HP and surfaces immediately.*** -Bombers: need to be able to attack subs while surfaced.
  7. I’m having a problem with officers and battle technology not applying to the subs when they specifically state they apply to naval units or all units. This would help with the speed issue.
  8. @Peterthe officers that apply to all naval units don’t effect the subs. battle tech that effects all units has no effect on subs.
  9. I would like to see the mechanics used in this map brought over to all other maps. Because in maps like global the players who farm the NPC tigers first have the advantage. Make the super battleships and tigers and SS HQ in all maps as strong as you have in Aegean.
  10. Will subs take gold or MMR coin to upgrade?
  11. Perfect thank you! This will be a game changer
  12. Can we get the stats and full details of the subs before they come out so we can plan on how to use them while we wait for them to come out? @Peter
  13. Does S3 open on the first?
  14. Essentially to become a unit worth utilizing to destroy any surface ships they will need increased defense while submerged, AOE in a small area or (((“HIGHLY”))) boosted attack damage if they can manage to strike first without being detected due to the difference in HP. My recommendation would be three subs should be able to sink a 36k ship in 30 seconds. This would force the naval maps to be played more tactical utilizing the destroyers with sonar and then follow the destroyers being targeted by bombers unless they are protected by cruisers. This would give all units the ability to turn the tide of battle and continually change which unit would be considered the center of gravity based on how the enemy attacks the angle on which they attack from and the order of which units attack to gain the advantage. My hope is that with subs here now, gone are the days of who ever has the most battleships wins. Instead it should be whoever can out think and maneuver the other player becomes the victor and adding more units is just the way to accomplish this. NOW WHERE ARE MY SUBS TO COMMAND?!?!?
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