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World Warfare
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Campaign map strategies


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Hello Commanders,


The campaign map will soon go live again. Here are some strategies for you to get a better performance and rewards on this map.


1. In early game, you have to cooperate to destroy the NPC troops in order to complete the phase missions quickly, getting the fine resources and armaments. By claiming the resources and armaments, you can move rapidly into the inner areas and capture the high level cities.



2. Check the campaign phase map, it helps you to understand how to plan your offensive in this phase. You can also check the legends by tapping the "i" button on this page.



3. Complete the secondary missions to get more resources in early game.



If you have more strategies, please share them in the comment area. Thank you.


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Until you get the leagues in the mind set of what you call a campaign  bf they need to learn to work together. You got leagues that are still coming in and attacking  everyone just so they can alone can win it. Or they don't care to complete  the objectives only just kill other leagues. 

 Calling these campaign  bf is really not true they are not true campaign  bf 

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