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World Warfare
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Campaign Phases-Vol.2


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Hello Commanders,


In last volume, we have introduced 4 phases of campaign map. Here are another 4 phases that you need to complete during the mid-game.


We've read the comments in last post and would like to clarify that this campaign maps is not only a PVE or PVP map. We have mixed the experience, in early game, all the players need to work together to complete goals, in the mid and late game, you have to compete in order to take the limited resources.


Now let's check another 4 phases:


Phase Five

In this phase, there is a league mission needs to be completed. All the league members have to work together to defeat XXX Imperial Ace Army troops. During this phase, NPC attack -25%, resource output+100%



Phase Six

Another league mission needs to be completed with team work in this phase. Your league is required to defeat XXX Imperial Ace Navy. During this phase, NPC attack -25%, resource output+120%



Phase Seven

In this phase, it's a battlefield mission which means all the remaining commanders need to work together to destroy and capture 3 capital cities. For phase seven, NPC attack -25%, resource output+150%



Phase Eight

It's another league mission in this phase, your league has to defeat XXX Imperial Guardian troops to complete the mission. In this phase, NPC attack -50%, resource output+200%



The amount of NPC troops are smaller and smaller when you move into the center. You have to compete and cooperate at times. Make sure your strategies are correct before the next phase comes.


We will bring the last 4 phases in next volume. Stay tuned!



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While this all sounds good on paper I could potential see problems with this mode. What if other leagues are not as active during this time?

What if they don’t wipe out the rebels on their front? What happens then? Does this delay the pvp stage?
Also why is the NPC attack being lowered as the stages go on? Usually the game should get harder as you press on not easier. 
What are the rules for leagues joining this mode? Is there a requirement number to play like cup or MMR in which x amount of players have to sign up to play?

To me it stands reason the rebels are “stationary” and just wait to be attacked. This is boring and there’s tons of maps like that already that are easy to manipulate and beat. What would be better is having “smart rebels” those that launch attacks and each time they get stronger and stronger. Attacks that launch against your city such as bombing raids, tank or arty raids. It should be where players must be ready with their army to defend their cities otherwise they will be destroyed and another feature is letting rebels cap your city!

Overall this game and not just this mode needs to bring out a challenge and not just end up another farming bf that is too easy. What made this game fun and popular was the intense pvp fighting way before maps were added and it was just global. Too much focus has been placed on PvE. Just look at games like call of duty or similar. Is their multiplayer filled with NPCs or players? Imagine if it was just NPCs players fought how long the game would last in its popularity. Pvp keeps players around because it’s more fun and challenging to fight then an NPC as NPCs become “predictable”.

I will say it again: limit the number of maps to chose from at any given time and also limit the number of bfs open. Fill more bfs rather then have a ton of half filled bfs. Event maps should be as they are “Event maps” not every days maps. Global or now swift thrust should be always open as the main map to play then once every month an event maps opens for let’s say a week before it closes then it goes back to being just global/swift thrust. You need to channel/funnel the players into less bfs so that they fill up more and incite more pvp action. 



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