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World Warfare
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  1. That’s one of the main problems in this game, the lack of good pvp battles. Massive league sizes/alts: Leagues have gotten to the point where every bf they join they are bring at least 1-2 alts per player which brings up their alliance total to around 40-50 and thats just one league. Players use alts to have extra tactics mainly which is a huge advantage over a player who only has one account. Also use alts to cap lcs, build more lcs and feed arms to their main accounts. Some even build armies with them to accompany their mains. All are huge advantages over a league that is the max size per map limit. New bomber officer: The new officer for airman is broken, simple as that. The main troop used to counter bombers is AA and what this officer does is make AA now half as effective. This now makes bombers stronger and dominant. Why play other classes when a player can just run bombers and do whatever they want? Especially in fast maps with increased troop speed? Conclusion: In the current state of the game, clàss balance is broken (even before this officer came into play), the pvp battles is at an all time low and if there is any they are poor due to unfair advantages such as excessive numbers, and the game is just gearing towards killing rebels then actually pvp which is what originally made this game great. Players don’t mind spending money but the devs are really making this game Pay to win. I for one wouldn’t mind paying for a skin just for cosmetic looks, or special troops to unlock for a bf but aren’t game breaking. Either players will be forced to keep spending a lot to keep up with other high spenders or they will quit and eventually not enough ppl will spend money.
  2. Map: shifting the game from pvp to PvE maps is causing more players to leave the game. Farming rebels from time to time is ok but it is becoming the norm now. Very few leagues are actually fighting. The World map was a good idea but poorly implemented. Should have been larger, closer to scale and way more options for attacks (good mix of all troops) some land, some naval. New bomber officer: the defense applies to AA Guns and bofors. This means any troop that is AA. You can check the descriptions of flaks and other aa and look to see that within it says it’s an AA gun. So The officer works against all AA. Also the defense stats doesn’t seem like the normal stand firm or clàss defense buffs, it sounds more like airman will now take 50% less damage from AA attacks.
  3. Not sure what you guys have been smoking but this seasons rewards are just a slap in the face. No permanent skin plus the skins are for more air troops, there has only been 2 tanker skins released and you had to pay for them to be permanent. At least have one of each class of skin available each season or give the players a choice of the skin. Also a second Lancaster skin, when there’s been other skins demanded? Now the new officer you guys out in store you must have been smoking extra because you completely made airman OP now. 50% more defense from aa, no actually it cuts all aa damage in half because it says 50% defense from aa. Why would you put out an officer that breaks the rock-paper-sicissor balance. Cannoneer (AA) are supposed to have an advantage over airman but this officer now protects them from AA. I guess it is fitting as cannoneer shit on tankers anyway because AOE is super OP where tankers don’t have this ability. im just curious if you intend to release more officers like this one that counters existing officers and clàss advantages. almost every fast map with 2x speed or more which be majority airman now (as if it wasn’t like this already but now it’s just going to be more overwhelming air). I’m going to be straight up and say that this update makes me ready to just quit the game forever. Haven’t played the new map yet but I bet it’s mainly a PvE map like Aegean which promotes more farming then fighting. This game has seriously lost my interest. If you want to fix the game start listening to player feedback. Balance troops correctly, see what troops are struggling and buff, see what troops are excelling way too much and nerf. A big complaint I have is in faster speed map there is no damage or range compensation which means certain troops benefit and others seem to get needed. If nothing is done I will give this game a few more months before this game dies.
  4. I like the ideas think it would be great to have these troops in the game for LC troops especially subs. Also that picture isn’t an Alaska heavy cruiser
  5. I agree with Galop. Everyone just wants to kill forts and super battleships. There was about 2-3 pvp fights my entire bf.
  6. It’s a trial run to see how players would respond to the map. They need time to correct many of the issues pointed out before they run it again. Way too many free arms given and way too much xp given. There is more NPC fighting then pvp
  7. Your acting like players will kill a fort or super bs then not farm the rest of the bf. It’s fine for getting more troop cap for pvp but players are going to take advantage and farm them all game to get a high rank so they can rack in high gold rewards. What about the players that actually did pvp and fought hard to win. They could have let’s say a league of 6 with 60 cities and yet they can be possibly out scored by another team or even just a single player just by them farming forts. Why should the player with 14 cities tons of resources zones get out scores by a player with 4 cities and hardly anything else. Either the Xp payout for those forts or bs need to be reduced or the actual score gain doesn’t change by killing them. I could care less if a guy is battle lvl 60 but being rank one with 2million score by doing so is not right. Those that rank high should be those that have control of the map by city count and have a collective good league score.
  8. Killing a fort or super battleship gives 100k xp. Tell me that is not insane. These also give an insane amount of battle score too which ends up having players fight to kill these as they can just power their way with points rather than fight each other. There are plenty of other ways to earn xp like how it is on other maps. There is no reason to have a troop cap size of 70 plus within the first day. The game doesn’t need 500 plus naval troops fighting on day one lagging the hell out of the game.
  9. Ok so upon first joining the map seemed perfect. There is an equal balance of naval and ground power. Not all cities can be hit by naval so it makes have a ground army useful. The map itself I like. Now the parts that need working: 1) players are given way too many arms from missions way more than any player would use all bf long. This could lead to stalemates as arms are in surplus. However population and cash will slow down builds. Overall there’s just many arms given. 2) there are so many ways to get insane amounts of Xp on this map. Just killing a fort or super battleship and your already battle lvl 30 plus. Along with that the battle score given is insane. This causes the problem of players farming these NPCs just so they are ahead in rank. Overall it becomes a race to kill these NPCs. 3) there seems to be way too much going on in this map where it came be overwhelming. So many NPCs to kill and so many possibilities. This map seems like it would go on for days without much change when it comes to pvp fighting and making gains in the map. It’s going to be focused on staying ahead on points that it’s almost not enjoyable to play.
  10. So post update the change made to tanks was swapping out the bf tech that gives extra hp with tech that instead gives extra defense but only against arty troops. Depending on a players tech lvl for that troop may or may not make a difference. If a player already has high defense then the extra defense doesn’t make much of a difference. However giving up 15% hp is big and it being swapped out for defense made no sense. The objective was to improve tanks to make them more playable but really it looks like a need to me. Here’s my solution: Put back hp tech, keep defense tech and possibly increase the defense from arty attacks another 1000. Then what I believe would be fair is give tanks an ability to target 3-4 units at the same time. Often times it’s hard to individual selected groups of tanks to target separate arty troops to maximize their damage. Often what happens is they all focus and overkill one arty meanwhile the arty army is knocking down the hp of the tanks. What really needs to happen is either tanks need that small AOE or they are immune to AOE from Arty. Need to take into perspective that a cannoneer player all they have to do is target a tank in the mid and they hit all tanks. Doesn’t require too much skill or coordination. Meanwhile a tanker has to spread their tanks out and micro manage each tank to avoid all tanks being hit at the same time and to try and maximize damage to at least have a fighting chance. Need access to make at least king tigers available sooner in the city munitions. I would say lvl 10 or 11 as lvl 14 takes a long time to reach meanwhile m40s are available at a lvl 2 LC and that takes no time to get.
  11. I agree. Global needs a higher gold payout or equal to that of other maps. What ends up happening is half filled global maps and for that matter a lot of maps are half filled. It’s ok to add new maps but there needs to be a limit on how many bfs are open so that more bfs are filled rather than more bfs open with less in each. Also does officer Mac Arthur apply to the M1931 arty? Seems to be moving in the right direction but will still need more to give it a fighting chance against m40s. I hope the new map is not another naval map. Make it another ground based map that is like global with a slight twist. Every map that seems to come out automatically points to you have to use navy or bombers.
  12. To add king tigers (lvl 14 munitions) and Maus (lvl 5 league city munitions) take time to get unlike M40s (lvl 2 league city munitions) and Flaks (lvl 1 league city munitions). It would make more sense for these tanks to be far stronger than the lower lvl arms available. Right now an army consisting of m40 and flaks can easily stop most rank armies before they even get close in range to do damage. A few solutions to this problem could be: a) lower flak damage to tanks drastically. b)increase tank speed and defense from flaks c)increase flaks to requiring a higher lvl munitions to either lvl 2 or even lvl 3. d) a combination of the above e) remove AOE from flaks to ground. Make it an air only AOE. On another note I think this game needs more tank troops to build with specializations like bombers do. Be cool to see tanks that specialize in: Building killing damage Pvp fighting Damage Higher range attacks but less damage Speed but less defense a well rounded tank high defense and hp but very low attack (a real tank)
  13. Another option would be to make tanks immune to AOE damage from Arty and leave it at that. Or at least add an ability that ignores all AOE for 5mins. I think this is the better option because then it would allow tanks time to reach Arty troops and give time to spread tanks but won’t make them too OP. If tanks are given AOE then m40s and arty will absolutely have no chance to win. A fully buffed maus tank can deal a ton of damage to a single Arty troop and even more with clàss tech for extra damage and defense done. About 5 maus tanks can drop a single m40 in a few secs, if they got AOE essentially 5 tanks could kill any m40 army that is group up too close.
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