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World Warfare
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  1. I agree. Global needs a higher gold payout or equal to that of other maps. What ends up happening is half filled global maps and for that matter a lot of maps are half filled. It’s ok to add new maps but there needs to be a limit on how many bfs are open so that more bfs are filled rather than more bfs open with less in each. Also does officer Mac Arthur apply to the M1931 arty? Seems to be moving in the right direction but will still need more to give it a fighting chance against m40s. I hope the new map is not another naval map. Make it another ground based map that is like global wi
  2. To add king tigers (lvl 14 munitions) and Maus (lvl 5 league city munitions) take time to get unlike M40s (lvl 2 league city munitions) and Flaks (lvl 1 league city munitions). It would make more sense for these tanks to be far stronger than the lower lvl arms available. Right now an army consisting of m40 and flaks can easily stop most rank armies before they even get close in range to do damage. A few solutions to this problem could be: a) lower flak damage to tanks drastically. b)increase tank speed and defense from flaks c)increase flaks to requiring a higher lvl munit
  3. Another option would be to make tanks immune to AOE damage from Arty and leave it at that. Or at least add an ability that ignores all AOE for 5mins. I think this is the better option because then it would allow tanks time to reach Arty troops and give time to spread tanks but won’t make them too OP. If tanks are given AOE then m40s and arty will absolutely have no chance to win. A fully buffed maus tank can deal a ton of damage to a single Arty troop and even more with clàss tech for extra damage and defense done. About 5 maus tanks can drop a single m40 in a few secs, if they got AOE e
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