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World Warfare
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  1. I like the ideas think it would be great to have these troops in the game for LC troops especially subs. Also that picture isn’t an Alaska heavy cruiser
  2. I agree with Galop. Everyone just wants to kill forts and super battleships. There was about 2-3 pvp fights my entire bf.
  3. It’s a trial run to see how players would respond to the map. They need time to correct many of the issues pointed out before they run it again. Way too many free arms given and way too much xp given. There is more NPC fighting then pvp
  4. Your acting like players will kill a fort or super bs then not farm the rest of the bf. It’s fine for getting more troop cap for pvp but players are going to take advantage and farm them all game to get a high rank so they can rack in high gold rewards. What about the players that actually did pvp and fought hard to win. They could have let’s say a league of 6 with 60 cities and yet they can be possibly out scored by another team or even just a single player just by them farming forts. Why should the player with 14 cities tons of resources zones get out scores by a player with 4 cities and har
  5. Killing a fort or super battleship gives 100k xp. Tell me that is not insane. These also give an insane amount of battle score too which ends up having players fight to kill these as they can just power their way with points rather than fight each other. There are plenty of other ways to earn xp like how it is on other maps. There is no reason to have a troop cap size of 70 plus within the first day. The game doesn’t need 500 plus naval troops fighting on day one lagging the hell out of the game.
  6. Ok so upon first joining the map seemed perfect. There is an equal balance of naval and ground power. Not all cities can be hit by naval so it makes have a ground army useful. The map itself I like. Now the parts that need working: 1) players are given way too many arms from missions way more than any player would use all bf long. This could lead to stalemates as arms are in surplus. However population and cash will slow down builds. Overall there’s just many arms given. 2) there are so many ways to get insane amounts of Xp on this map. Just killing a fort or super battleship a
  7. So post update the change made to tanks was swapping out the bf tech that gives extra hp with tech that instead gives extra defense but only against arty troops. Depending on a players tech lvl for that troop may or may not make a difference. If a player already has high defense then the extra defense doesn’t make much of a difference. However giving up 15% hp is big and it being swapped out for defense made no sense. The objective was to improve tanks to make them more playable but really it looks like a need to me. Here’s my solution: Put back hp tech, keep defense tech and possib
  8. I agree. Global needs a higher gold payout or equal to that of other maps. What ends up happening is half filled global maps and for that matter a lot of maps are half filled. It’s ok to add new maps but there needs to be a limit on how many bfs are open so that more bfs are filled rather than more bfs open with less in each. Also does officer Mac Arthur apply to the M1931 arty? Seems to be moving in the right direction but will still need more to give it a fighting chance against m40s. I hope the new map is not another naval map. Make it another ground based map that is like global wi
  9. To add king tigers (lvl 14 munitions) and Maus (lvl 5 league city munitions) take time to get unlike M40s (lvl 2 league city munitions) and Flaks (lvl 1 league city munitions). It would make more sense for these tanks to be far stronger than the lower lvl arms available. Right now an army consisting of m40 and flaks can easily stop most rank armies before they even get close in range to do damage. A few solutions to this problem could be: a) lower flak damage to tanks drastically. b)increase tank speed and defense from flaks c)increase flaks to requiring a higher lvl munit
  10. Another option would be to make tanks immune to AOE damage from Arty and leave it at that. Or at least add an ability that ignores all AOE for 5mins. I think this is the better option because then it would allow tanks time to reach Arty troops and give time to spread tanks but won’t make them too OP. If tanks are given AOE then m40s and arty will absolutely have no chance to win. A fully buffed maus tank can deal a ton of damage to a single Arty troop and even more with clàss tech for extra damage and defense done. About 5 maus tanks can drop a single m40 in a few secs, if they got AOE e
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