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World Warfare
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Feast of World Warfare Videos


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Hello Commanders,


The World Warfare HQ is about to release a new feature: Videos! You can't miss it out!




As of lately, we have found that more and more commanders are enjoying the World Warfare game while recording or streaming a lot of their own exciting battles in the game, uploading video works about World Warfare on Youtube, which are constantly being liked and shared. These works are very interesting and fascinating. We really appreciate your support.


In order to let more people have the opportunity to check and learn your battles, strategies and skills, and to provide a better display place for your excellent works, we have developed a special video column in the game. You can select and view the videos in the game now. Click on the in-game video button, choose the theme you like and jump to Youtube to view the videos! Like, subscribe, and share! Easy breezy!


  • If you have already uploaded a work, please add "#worldwarfareepic" or "#worldwarfareraiders" to the video title or video description according to the video content in order to let more commanders see your wonderful battle. No dream is the exponential growth of subscriptions!


  • Those commanders that don't have any work for the time being, don't get discouraged! You can start to create your own videos now! New comers may gain the upper hand as well!




  • This feature will be released soon. Check the video button after the update.




  • Check the corresponding hashtag, and you will see your uploaded videos approved by Youtube.




  • Furthermore, we have prepared superb bonuses for the commanders who create and upload videos.


Duration: From TODAY to APRIL 8TH (UTC).


Bonus: 3000 diamonds (One-time bonus for each account)



  1. Videos should be the latest works. The videos that are released before this event will not be counted.
  2. Video content complies with the hashtag "#worldwarfareepic". It should be some battles or epic scenes you took part in.
  3. Video content complies with the hashtag "#worldwarfareguide". It should be any skill, such as how to get the LC units faster, how to capture the central island in 24 hours, how to defeat the strongest NPCs, etc.
  4. Please make sure that the above tags are in the top 3 places of all your tags of the video and are in compliance with Youtube hashtag regulations.
  5. If your video has been approved by the platform and displayed in the in-game video collection, please contact us and attach your video link, in-game name and ID number in the comment area. We will distribute the rewards before UTC April 8th.


The last but most important thing: please do remember to add hashtag "#worldwarfareepic" or "#worldwarfareguide" to your video title or description. Only in this way, will your video have the chance to be exposed before more people.


Should you have more questions, please reach to us on Forum, Facebook, Discord and CS conversation. Thank you.


World Warfare HQ:Troll-min:



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