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World Warfare
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  1. For those having trouble getting a screenshot up, go to imgur.com and upload it there, then get a link to it and on the forums hit the "insert other media" tab and insert that URL.
  2. I made a sandwhich. Just gonna go hand out candy to the kiddies. Nothing special. IGN: MrTakeYoCity
  3. I think this feature should have been added to the game by now. It's pretty difficult to ally with another league without the risk of them being allied with an enemy league just to have your units be called out. All I ask is for a small tab that displays the alliances of a league so the above problem doesn't happen and you don't come online to see your ally betray you.
  4. So I was resetting tactics and found that even though the notification said it would use the new purple currency it uses diamonds instead (I started with 15000~ diamonds but it got down to that amount). Small bug. Please fix. d:
  5. Disapointed that Allied Chat is now gone. Seriously, it was our only communication in-game to leagues we are allied with. We already have League chat in the main menu and we don't really need it at all in a battlefield. If you can add a substitute for diamonds, you can restore allied chat. Otherwise everything else in this update was a good improvement.
  6. I haven't came up with a conclusion yet but the tactics I've reset to were Blitzkrieg (+10% Power w/ +20% speed), Suicide Charge (-25% Power w/ +150% attack), and Persuade Captive (+3% Power per attack). While my guys still lose about 20% of their power the bonus outweighs them. Any suggestions?
  7. What are to best tactic combinations and what units should I upgrade with my tech points that will benefit the most in a battlefield?
  8. Nooooooo I didn't get to put them in their bases D:
  9. Aw where's Erwin Rommel? He should be listed for his superior blitz tactics and use of fast offensive combat!
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