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World Warfare
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  1. Can we finally see a campaign or a “skirmish mode” where you can just arcade play against AI? Giving you a chance to casually play and learn rather than stress about losing everything while you are asleep or getting burned down before having a chance to learn how to play. The tutorial is practically a campaign so don’t tell me this is impossible and people have been pumping money into this game for years now, so don’t tell me you can dedicate a penny to a actual server instead of a “listen server” causing the “delay” you tell us to just get used to. This isn’t an RTS if you have t
  2. Game name: GeneralGreyWolf GreyWolf of Fort Lauderdale from league Wolf Pack. Having a night off from battle to spend some time with the softer side of the human race.
  3. I think we could all agree on a "Campaign" mode. You can either play "Solo" and complete various missions while fighting against invading SS and rebel forces while racing against the 3 day clock to destroy the waffen SS HQ. Or you could play as a "League team" and fight off bigger waves of SS and rebel forces while taking as much territory from the waffen SS forces before the end of 3 days. This is a great way for players to enjoy the game and for leagues to work on team work and communication. Let me know what you guys think?
  4. Yes exactly. It won't let him leave his own league that he created. it won't let him leave to join a new league.
  5. It tells him he needs to make some one a leader to be able to leave it. I asked if he has a league capital but he doesn't. Let me check with him. He really wants to join but can't because no one is in his league to hand down leadership to so he can leave.
  6. GeneralGreyWolf

    Stuck alone ?

    How come some one who spends diamonds to make a league, can't leave that league to join one that actually has members in it? I understand how it works, but what if you don't have anyone to pass leadership down to? How do you leave your dead league, to join a more active one?
  7. I have seen a lot of 1 player leagues in my battlefield. And I've allied with them and Asked them to join my league. They want to join. But can't leave their league. How is some one supposed to join another league if they can't leave the one they made?
  8. And so how would we all join a battlefield together after this battle is over?
  9. Do we need to wait for the league battlefield to end? Land will it reset all our progress in the current battlefield?
  10. So he needs to accept the invite outside of the battlefield. Why won't he show up as a member after he accepts outside the battlefield? And how can we be with each other in the same battlefield?
  11. Here is the screen shot. Maybe you can help me figure out how he can join.
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