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World Warfare
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  1. I've reinstalled twice and still nothing...I'm in a bf right now and am trying to get back to my team...
  2. Paxtonia

    Airbase loading bug

    109-7631 bf ID. Can't load planes into league airbase
  3. Paxtonia

    Airbase loading bug

    109-7631 bf ID. Can't load planes into league airbase
  4. Ships in ww2 bristled with anti aircraft guns of all calibers and sizes. All ships should do damage to aircraft, the bigger the ship, the more guns it had. It would greatly increase the spirit of the time. Problem is, an aircraft can loiter over an enemy ship without being shot at (unless it's a cruiser) for extended time...when in PvP, player X sends 30 bombers to attack 10 battleships, with resupply on bombers, the battleships will die and the bombers don't loose any hp....this scenario plays over and over and is very disheartening. Level the playing field, give all ships AA, the bigger
  5. Can't get into game on my phone, gives me a either a timeout message or a failed to connect.....I have 4G full signal...help.....dnpxtn@yahoo.com
  6. Updated the game and went to log in and screen was spammed with the message do you wish to leave the game? You can't answer it and now all I get is a blank screen....
  7. Paxtonia

    Locked out of bf

    Can't sync up with server, and I will loose troops
  8. I will be spending time with family! (Kids and dogs) Paxtonia
  9. Paxtonia

    Bomber bug

    I've noticed that when dispatching bombers to a target a few odd things happen. When the bombers get to the target, one or more will zip away to another spot on the map. If I reselect that bomber and reassign it back to the target, it moves back to the rest of the fleet of bombers . Bombers don't like being reassigned to different targets after the initial target is destroyed, like from armor tanks then to sniper tower
  10. Neighbor territory accepted my league invite, I got a message saying they did, his commander profile shows the league name, BUT, main play screen they still show as hostile and ID doesn't show league name behind the commander name. Can't send league materials and armaments.... Buttons on player territory have the invite still.....what do I need to do
  11. I have seen where when I have upgraded that the T-34 and Pershing were available....but where? How do you get them?
  12. How does a player rename a city? I'd like to know what city is what when organizing my troops and resources. For example North, Center, South....
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