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World Warfare
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Crisis Fringe Coming Back

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Hello Commanders,


Crisis Fringe map is opening again. The portal will be available from 14:00 , August 15th to 2:00, August 16th UTC (7:00  to 19:00, August 15th PDT, 10:00-22:00, August 15th EDT ). Again, it's a limited time map, please remember you just have 12 hours to enter this map.


Here are some notes for the optimized Crisis Fringe according to your suggestions and opinions:


1. Adjusted the level 20 shielded cities into level 19, and the shields will be removed on the 4th day.

2.Adjusted the NPC cities' upgrade frequency.

3.Adjusted level distribution of NPC cities.

4.Added Ace Tiger Tanks and Super Battleships.

5.Added more normal NPCs.


Should you have more questions, please leave the comments under this thread or PM me. :ImWatchingYou-min:



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I agree with the limiting! But a reasonable limit. I would bet you would actually make more money from the game if went about the right way. I for one, love this game only game I can find with its mechanics and strategy. But I have stopped playing it off and on because I get pissed when I get wrecked by a guy who obviously blew 100 dollars on the map half way threw. That being said I choose not to spend a bunch of money cus of the fact that u can blow ten dollars one day then get demolished in the next 6 hours by some dude that spent his whole check on gems. So I only buy the building que and thats it. Me and many of my friends have the same view we would spend more on the game if it was even half worth it compared to big spenders. The best idea we could come up with would be make a map that limits the amount of buying power but maybe get less rewards for winning the map and still have your normal maps that way you still got your big spenders on the top end but you also gain the income of the bottom end spenders who might start throwing in an extra 5 or 10 dollars since its more worthit and you would definitely gain more players cus I know for a fact a lot of people trash this game cus of this issue 



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On 12/8/2019 at 10:53, Peter said:

Hola comandantes,


El mapa de Crisis Fringe se abre de nuevo. El portal estará disponible desde las  14:00, del 15 de agosto a las 2:00, del 16 de agosto UTC (7:00 a 19:00, 15 de agosto PDT, 10: 00-22: 00, 15 de agosto EDT) .  Nuevamente, es un mapa de tiempo limitado, recuerde que solo tiene 12 horas para ingresar a este mapa.   


Aquí hay algunas notas para el Crisis Fringe optimizado de acuerdo con sus sugerencias y opiniones:


1. Ajustó las ciudades blindadas de nivel 20 al nivel 19, y los escudos se quitarán el cuarto día.

2.Se ajustó la frecuencia de actualización de las ciudades NPC.

3. Distribución de niveles ajustada de las ciudades NPC.

Se agregaron tanques Ace Tiger y súper acorazados.

5. Se agregaron NPC más normales.


Si tiene más preguntas, deje los comentarios en este hilo o envíeme un mensaje de correo electrónico. : ImWatchingYou-min:



Ok gracias

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