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World Warfare
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  1. New ranking of strong donation players. Another profit for developers. Why do something for ordinary players? Oh yes, they left the game. There were only players left with bags of money to be milked
  2. Take away diplomacy and victory is awarded to the top 1 league, as in a cup. Then, the battlefield will be a great
  3. I will tell you the truth, at speed x1 there were no problems. when speed x2 appeared, generals and technologies in the city, bombers began to win
  4. Trouble, trouble. The developers are doing everything to ensure that the game exists and generates income. without asking if the players like it. all new introductions to the game: automated rebels, improvement of battlefields, etc. Developers are trying to extend the life of the game to extend profits. Soon, programmed rebels will play on the battlefields. and it’s rarely possible to see a real player. There are fewer players in the game, more alternative accounts. I said what will happen to the game if we do not solve the problems in the game. But neither the developers nor the players want
  5. When will you limit the amount of diamonds used per day? When will you start the fight with alt accounts (blocking and deleting them)? And now the funniest thing: Never)
  6. There is a solution: Delete and ban, and track secondary accounts. Many sensible proposals were offered, and they ignore them, and they are effective.
  7. If that were the case, you would ban alternative accounts. The game is dead because you don't want to do anything, but only like to receive money. You do not even advertise the game, although this is an influx of money and new players. I spit in your face for what you did with my favorite game. Bravo! You feed players shit, keeping profits, and they, like a herd, hope.
  8. It's just ridiculous that you don't want to see problems in the game. My previous posting describes their solutions.
  9. Hello, my nickname is InHaLe 1. Forbid to have more than one account. Keep track, block and delete accounts of offenders. If this is not done now, then it will be too late. The game rots because of this. 2. For the new card, leave the speed x1. If you do not understand the value of speed x1, then you are not a player. The speed greatly changes the perception of the player, his actions and so on. New players playing x2 do not know how to play x1. 3. For lovers of speed x2. Speed x2 gives an imbalance especially with the generals and new technologies. To reduce the imbalance, I pr
  10. Developers are not required to return anything to you. Also, your words are a confession that you use more than one account and violate the user agreement. Ban P.S. Players, you are completely insolent
  11. InHaLe


    The game has been dead for a long time. Let the developers themselves play in their rotten shit. and the Chinese are with themselves. Do not waste your time and money on this game.
  12. There are no problems with tanks. developers again introduce paid services. do you have a small profit ?? and you develop the game, then the money will be. проблем с танками нет. разработчики опять вводят платные услуги. прибыль маленькая у вас?? а вы игрой развивайте, тогда и деньги будут.
  13. Давай на личности не будем переходить и лиги, ок? Ты лоббируешь танки только в угоду себе это факт. То что класс танки создан для игры в первые 1-3 ну максимум 3 дня это факт. Спроси разработчиков они тебя просветят. Аналогичная ситуация с турелями они созданы и это не раз разработчики говорили для первого дня игры для помощи в защите. Также и танки созданы для игры до городов лиг, это факт. это все подтвердят. Какая то мат. часть которую ты придумал я не знаю. Я лично голосовал за х2, но я не буду против и х1. Скорость х1 была изначальна и все играли молчком, хотя она не идеально(например б
  14. If you return the speed x1 for the Global battle and the Islands of War. Then cancel the vote for the victory. Return what was before. vote for an extension of 2 days. Also return the conditions of victory. If you do not give up, then you are awarded a victory. Thereby the leagues and players will play and fight for them. And then the leagues will not give up and we will see fierce battles. As it was before Battlefield for 10 people just keep what they have now! Also increase the gold reward on the global battle and on the islands of war. But in moderation, so that they can compete with oth
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