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World Warfare
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For the last 8 months maybe even longer myself and others have been complaining about the "magic trick" units pull. Last night they made their grandest trick yet. After telling them to land at my base, instead of one unit disappearing, EVERY SINGLE AIR UNIT VANISHED FROM MY SCREEN. They were still visible in the troops tab, but wouldn't show me where the troop was located when I selected it which was different than when it normally happens. I assumed that as usual the troops would follow their last order, and since their last order was to land at my airfield (it was a 15 minute flight with hours of fuel) I wasn't concerned. 


Imagine my surprise when I get online today and EVERYTHING IS DEAD BECAUSE THEY RAN OUT OF FUEL. This is a known a glitch that no one has done anything about, and has now run rampant and I want compensation to rebuild my army. 

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