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World Warfare
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  1. in this picture it is showing wednesday and sunday. peter you said wednesday and friday ?
  2. surya


    this idea is pretty cool. now a days lot of games using same formation. but devs need to change entire UI DESIGN and coding too. if they started again on this point. we will get again problem like troops disappearing or something else. if they want to design "V, Column, linear, circle and box" better to create in new map and the map name is troop formation.. when we enter into that map. then the UI will change and we cant droop troops with different formations.
  3. fan or fun ? yes.. the is not good idea.. and i was just joking
  4. yes. nice idea. but the condition is we need to upgrade our lc level 20 then it will unlock.. so then we can launch atomic bomb from lc.
  5. i totally agree with you.. there is no lag in this game.. main problem is internet and devices.. i test on different networks 2g, 3g and 4g, and also few broadband.. if your internet ping speed is high and you loss data packets then the game is lag. if the ping speed is low. then the game never lag.. ofcourse your internet speed is 10 mbps or 50 mbps no matter.. ping speed is important. another thing is device.. try to get atleast snapdragon 425 processor or 435 processor(i have knowledge on android. i dont no about apple) so the game will never lag.
  6. what pain ?? i got definition from wikipedia. " Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli ".. i will give an example of pain... this is just example how developers pain... i hope now you can understand the pain... Can you count how many 1's and how many L's. if it is possible. then developers can fix the bugs very easily.. if it takes time to count how many l's and how many 1's then they need time to fix those bugs.
  7. nice design.. i have a doubt. you guys still using windows 7 ? if you are developer, you will understand there pain.. pls understood..
  8. hi iggy try this https://www.bignox.com/ it works both windows and mac... check my screenshot. there is no lag and can record game using this app.
  9. Try this solution... or if your mobile showing any error while loading game at startup screen like "incompatible device graphics" then try to ignore warning message and continue loading your game.. it will works
  10. not only ipad.... android have also loading problem
  11. i use my gift code twice. i am trying every week still not working
  12. surya


    you have lot of patience
  13. pls try to think positive way. if any enemy attacks your city, pls try to watch how he is attacking your city. which troops enemy used, and how he is attacking, you will get lot of game skill. and try to choose good league and join, pls be patience. you will enjoy the game a lot. smileeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. is your touch screen good ? test your touch screen with any display touch test https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gombosdev.displaytester&hl=en ? or are you playing this game while charging your mobile ? it will happens while charging your mobile.
  15. excellent intro nice video editing
  16. surya

    New update

    yes every troop is too small please revert back. i am using mobile check infantry
  17. good keep going. All the best . Improve your strategies
  18. yes i agree with this. New players just capturing resource zone (oil and rubber) and they are not upgrading. they are wasting res zone, very few res zones are available in battle field. we cant check every village or res and asking them to upgrade and it is tuff my point is auto deducting fortune, oil, iron and rubber while upgrading L.C. And controlling usage is important with colors. some player are sending resource for only L.C armament. L.C is not shopping mall. sending few res and grabbing armament then what about L.C upgrades? L.C managers cant handle the problem, we need perfect L.C log with auto bot and color. i agree with you domm. Team work is very important.
  19. surya


    your device isn't compatible with this version. it happen only when your device OS version is below 5.1 example: 4.4 solution:- download app manually using any external links. example: http://play.mob.org/game/world_warfare.html to PC and install in your mobile or try to get app from another mobile by using SHAREIT app. if you follow this method you can install any incompatible game in your mobile. Example video Check following video best example Clash of Clans
  20. surya


    it happen only when you downloading game from playstore. i checked your device specifications.http://gadgets.ndtv.com/samsung-galaxy-tab4-7-0-3g-1444 Are you using Android 4.4 ? if you have still problem try to upgrade your android os 4.4 to android 5.1 or try this solution if it works
  21. surya

    Unit range

    wow nice pic
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