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World Warfare
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S3-Update Battle Manual


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Greetings Commanders,


S3 season is about to come in the middle of May. In this update, we also modified the battle manual.



1. We have extended the battle manual to 61 levels. From level 51 to level 61, we've added some items that will be used in S4 season; the final prize is a permanent skin for Carolina Battleship.



2. In this season, we've added new portraits, new unit skins, new city frame and new league emblem. Here is a sneak peek.

gift_159.png.6353de100117bcc8034e922fc41d65ed.png gift_164.png.e024d250192b7841128ccbd5c72d890d.png role_icon_42.png.2749ccf70e88a69172b2bd935aa786f3.png role_icon_43.png.0708fa1247d5d474b1d6eea0d048426c.png


3. We've also added the new item: S3 Activity Point Card. Use it in the weekly events to exchange for activity points, upgrading the battle manual level quickly.



4. Battle manual missions were not changed. In case some of you guys are still confused about the mechanic. We'd like to explain it again.Tap the S3 season button, click tab Missions, complete the missions listed to accumulate the points. The missions for the league tournament and MMR are challenging with high rewards; the weekly missions and other missions are easy to be completed.



Should you have any questions, please PM me or contact the CS. Thankyou!


World Warfare Team


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