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World Warfare
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Twitch Channel for Game


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Reasons behind creating a Twitch channel for WW:

Have you ever wanted to know what is going on in a battlefield when people are just blowing up the chats?  For example, the WeFew and Fluffy field.  Yeah you can get screenshots and recordings after the fights.  But if you want to see the fights LIVE and see things play out, you can tune in and watch the stream.  

Have you ever been bored of your battlefield because everyone is dead and you still have a couple of days left?  You could tune in and see the live stream of a DIFFERENT battlefield and then watch some of the fights going on in that field live as well.

What if you're taking a break from the game because your team jumped without you and you get that itch for WW?  If you tune in, you can watch maybe even your team live on Twitch and see what's going on in real time.

Now, some common issues with this:

What if the streamer goes over our territory and the enemy sees everything?

What if the streamer shows specific unit stats to the audience?  

If I stream this, I won't do any of that because I don't care and it's not any of the enemy's business to know it unless they go find out for themselves.  Most people will also be too busy with the battles to monitor the stream anyways.  So, if I stream these battles, I'll keep from clicking on player's units and revealing their stats.  

I'll also ally everyone on the map, so as I scroll around, it will all be green and hard to determine who controls what outside of the battle and what level things are.  I'll zoom in to show animations of battles as well as how troops might be setup.  But I will also be zoomed out a lot showing the two sides.  

This could also be a good way to expand the community.  Some people may just happen to see the game and then catch some interest.  There are MANY different things that can be done with this idea.  We can have the Devs promote the channel in numerous ways.  I can use donations given to the channel for awards to teams that wins big battles, don't ally entire fields and just all kinds of different events we could host. 

The possibilities are endless with what we could do with this channel, we could do Q&As with players about different things, create live how to tutorials and more.  I would love some feedback from the community as a whole and also suggestions via PM in Line app.  Line ID is codymo1997.  I made the thread twice because I wasn't sure where to post this at.

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