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World Warfare
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  1. Hi Peter, can we please get a detailed explanation of how the subs work? As of right now I'm under the impression that they are almost useless in their current form. As they can't fire under water. They have very low HP, and despite the splash damage they can still easily be killed by battleships. Can they not be fired upon unless detected by enemy destroyers? Can all ships fire upon them automatically or are they hidden from view until they they are detected or can they be hit by battleships splash just like other ships? Please clarify this because I'm unsure of how they are supposed the be used at the moment. I tried testing them on a super ship and none of the waffen ships fought back, but this could be a bug or something else. I haven't used them against a player yet.
  2. It takes 8 seconds to demolish a building with strategically placed charges. So not really. Lol. (And yes this is used to demolish extremely large buildings like skyscrapers)
  3. Units like gigants and rockets can only be unlocked from the League city/monument. Rockets cannot be aquired day 1 as the total upgrade time for LC to monument and the munitions factory is more than 24 hours.
  4. Have they gone bankrupt, or were they bought out? Google play store now states wistone as the owner, and payments go straight to google... lol.
  5. Why are you getting so defensive? I merely suggested there might be better place to bring this up than putting it in the discussion topic for a new map, were the devs are even less likely to answer you.
  6. This isn't really the place to ask this? I think there are better places to ask about this. On the other hand we are getting a small scale navy map? Hopefully it will be a real map rather than an old one...
  7. Yeah but all of their good players will take losses/miss out on good rewards. They won't be able to give each other tactics or fight at each other cities.
  8. I made this suggestion a while back but no one cared, since we are talking about allies, I'll bring it up again. For each ally your entire team will take a penalty on league rewards and personal rewards. The penalty stacks, I suggest 5% penalty for each ally. Not only will this discourage sister and alt leagues but also mass allying, and won't be too harsh that having an ally or 2 is impossible. having 10 or more allies will result in a 45% penalty or more on rewards, and no one wants to lose half of 200k gold they worked hard for. I think adding something like this might also bring back some of the older players who got tired of mass allying.
  9. Bloodmancer

    Too much

    I don't really mind the concept of shields especially since their original purpose was to keep your troops safe in a city if you coulden't get them out for whatever reason, and they had a cool down so you couldn't just shield everything for days and attack while people slept. After they removed the cool down, anyone with a decent chunk of cnage can now win by shielding endlessly.
  10. I have a big list of issues. After playing the game for four days, Here is my suggestion: 1. Make the cities/buildings have a timer when they are rebuilding/upgrading. Multiple times we have had issues where we are destroying a rebel city and suddenly it upgrades respawns new troops and turrets and the city center with no warning whatsoever for apparently no reason. There is no rebuilding animation or construction animation, its just suddenly there. 2. If this map is going to be primarily PVE rather than PVP, rebel invasion events and similar things like in golden empire, when your gold mines and command center would suddenly be attacked every so often. 3. The higher rebel level cities should be harder to cap and rebel cities should get harder as they upgrade. As it stands the 15 are often times harder than the 20s... 4. Rebels need to be worth the normal amount of XP in this map. We cannot gain enough XP a lot of the times because there simply aren't enough people nonstop attacking or building troops like there are in Global war or Liberty rising. 5. The speed is less of a factor here since it's smaller teams but I still believe in 1x speed over 2x. So that we can have a life without getting attacked non-stop by enemy bombers while we are off etc. In game name: Mister X
  11. The gangs all here. In game Name is Miser X.
  12. The biggest issue with the ship map is that you need a bit of time and proper planning, you can get battleships in 24 hours easy on global, its even easier here and if done right you can get them within 6 or 7 hours. Using purples I've had them in 4 hours before.
  13. Good, less gems you have to use later when it matters.
  14. More than likely the update Is mostly big fixes and they are just throwing in what they have done with it.
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