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World Warfare
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  1. BWAR


    Have lots of resource zones, it almost never takes me all day to refill my steel, also do the secondary missions, they are very helpful.
  2. It would also be a terrible idea to add the extra range to them sense that's what officers are for, as well as for the fact that turrets aren't meant to be the main thing killing armies, they are really just meant to kill rebels as for XP, they aren't meant to hold off entire attacks by players or entire leagues.
  3. BWAR

    Women's Day Event

    Taking my gf out for dinner tonight! Finan the Agile
  4. Because they are putting it out there because of all the complaints they have gotten because of how broken 2X is, if you don't know anything about how broken the 2X speed has been then you really really need to pay attention more.
  5. It already happens you idiot, tanks are meant to counter M40, just because you're an inexperienced player, I won't hold this against you, but now you know.
  6. This game isn't like real life though, in real life are you able to drop 60 M40 down from 4 transports onto a city? No of course not. This game isn't a real life example in any way or else M40 would kill themselves from half the things I've seen. Each class is meant to counter another class, slowing down tanks to not counter M40 isn't smart.
  7. I agree with Immel on this, I'd rather see this game only allow 1 ally then being able to ally the entire map. I haven't been landing with many leagues that have millions of allies so I've for sure had some luck there, but from what I've heard from other players who are actually competitive, they'd rather see it be just a real war game rather then what it's actually been which is just FarmVille.
  8. The point of tanks is to counter artillery/M40/AoE units, trying to take down their speed would hurt how the game is currently set up and how it is meant to be set up with the current rock paper scissors going on, if you lower the speed of tanks then it'll heavily buff the cannoneer class which really doesn't need to happen.
  9. So do you think that tanks shouldn't be able to get to M40?
  10. BWAR

    New Tactics

    I just spoke in a chat of mostly all committed and experienced ww players, and most agree that a good new tactic would be the "Radar" tactic. It cost 10-20 tacs, it'll basically be like a scout expect more range, can't take damage obviously and last 15-20-30 minutes, it spots any hidden units like commandos or hopefully soon the subs, and also is available at CW5 as a next rank for tacs, No idea what the other 2 would be to choose from, but that's a balanced tac I think that isn't horribly OP, it'll also obviously have a 30 minute cool down as so that it doesn't become too op.
  11. BWAR

    New Tactics

    I'm having very mixed opinions on this, I hate it and I don't care about it. I hate it for the fact that it'll lag the game even more now even though this game is almost unplayable, I had some of the worst lag I've ever had in a simple 2v2 I don't care about it just cause these don't seem like game breaking tacs but the timing is terrible for them, couldn't have had worse timing. For all the hate y'all have been getting you aren't making it much better for yourselves. Fix the game before adding anything else, maybe even a message saying that your still looking at it, it just feels like at this point you're milking this game for the last few drops of money you can get outta it, which is well.... fucked up. Not cool at all.
  12. So I know this isn't something that isn't important per say, but I would love to see the old loading screen back with the 3-4 tanks storming a beach and the 3 ships in the background with 1 firing, it was honestly so intense and so majestic and I loved to log in and see that while loading up, this new commando loading screen is just bland and boring and doesn't have much going on at all. Just a small thing, not the most important but would still love to log into it someday again.
  13. Both photos you have just given are both of the class tech, which again proves my point that you can't transfer unit tech points from one unit to another as each unit cost different amounts of gold Also there is no need to throw insults around but thank you for assuming I need 7 accounts to be successful in my world warfare career, but it just so happens I do not own 7 accounts.
  14. Ok cool so I do get the basic premise of this thread, ok now for my opinion on it. No I said the same thing about being able to switch class tech from one class to another, it just would be game breaking and not necessary, and just another thing in the game that honestly shouldn't be here. If you made a mistake of putting gold into something when you were a lower level that's your fault, go buy some gold or grind it out, the game shouldn't have a fall back for everything like tech for units, grind it out like mostly everyone or go buy some gold packs and support the game, this ain't a good idea no matter how good it may seem (which it really doesn't btw)
  15. The thing I don't understand is the fact of how couldn't I just take away all my tech points in infantry and put them into something more expensive like Bismarck's or many of the air units, this wouldn't work unless I'm reading this wrong because each different unit costs a different amount of gold compared to others. If i'm getting this thread wrong please let me know because as I read this, it makes no sense.
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