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World Warfare
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Ending of S3

Guest Manson1975

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Guest Manson1975

Greetings commanders,

The season 3 tournament has come to an end. Let's take a look at the result:

Top five leagues in Silver cup: 风云再起, GODz, TheCorbuloPact, DemiGODz, LuckyStrikes.

Top five leagues in Bronze cup: REPUBLIC, Killj0ys, 黄埔军校, 3rdplatoon, USForces.

With your generous support and active participation, we've made our community stronger than ever!

Claim your tournament rewards at 10 a.m. UTC after the maintenance!

And Leaders from TOP 5 leagues in Bronze and Silver Cup, please leave your reward distributing list in the comments below or contact Administrators directly!(Please remember to make your list as soon as possible so we can make the delivery)

Top 5 leagues of Bronze Cup, Congratulations on your victory. You have been invited to join Silver Cup next season!

Let us take a look at the ranking board of S3 together:

Silver Cup Ranking of S3



Bronze Cup Ranking of S3


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