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World Warfare
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  1. These apps y’all don’t want to tie or sync your game progress to could be used by joykiller to stop a lot of the shared accounts, alts, etc. if they used the information correctly. I don’t know if they lack the knowledge, the ability on their side, or just don’t care. They could also make a delicated website to run the game & store your information on that but that seems unlikely at this point. If you are worried about your identity and tying your info to apps, it might be time to give up on mobile gameing. Outside is great and a book can transport you anywhere.
  2. A visible rules and terms of service section WOULD better the game. No could to it! Players need to be able to see this information. You want nafarious behavior reported but players have no idea if its legal behavior or not. Currently when things get reported, they are taken as accusations not reports. This is due to the fact nobody knows what is against the rules. I keep pressing this matter as it protects the community & the company but it seems to fall on deaf ears or is just not important. PLEASE GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF! The game is about 2 1/2 years old now, it’s time to do this.
  3. Tos & rules are joycrafter and their devs responsibility. If they would like players ideas and thoughts they should set up a poll. As of todate, this is the only game in my experience that doesn’t have a tos and rules section that is visiable to players.
  4. It’s time this community of players demand a rules & terms of service section that we can view and go to for reference.
  5. To be 100% fair, no players truly knows if they are breaking the rules or not because there is not a visible rules or terms of service. I hope this keeps getting brought up and a decision is made soon. There are too many alts, sister leagues, and shady tactics that need to be stopped.
  6. Well seeing as the thread you locked is now unlocked I’m guessing in this case it’s within the rules( I still want a visible section for rules). I know I didn’t unlock it & I'm guessing you didn’t do it, so that leaves a GM or dev. Time to start having some discussions.
  7. Nothing new should be added until existing isssues/problems are fixed! No reason to add new crap to muck the game up more. It is currently running on a hamster and two squirrels for optimum server performance.
  8. Legal, mad props for the idea. Just a few questions. How are the devs going to make it so the the servers don’t burn down? Multiple maps over the last week(s) have been damn near unplayable. The lag on basic maps is unbelievable. Are you going to allow sister leagues in? How about leagues full of alts? Not trying to stir the pot, just want to know before one of the guys says let’s do it. Also shielding will that be allowed in the battle terms?
  9. Wow. I can not believe these are coming out in the next update after all the reports of issues and problems. I would truly like to think the game running correctly and smoothly would be far more important than adding more stuff that will likely add to the problems. And do we really need more over powered planes?
  10. Hitgirl


    I like blunt and to the point very much but I’m sure others will see this as an attack on the developers. It should be an eye opener. I’m tired of getting canned reply’s from support over important issues, I’m guessing others are as well. It’s very hard to want to play when you can’t get in the game, can’t control your troops if you do get in, or you get in and only get the spinning loading wheel. And the lag is AWFUL ! I don’t really see the point in playing like this. The devs really should be trying to track down theses issues and get them under repair. I hope someone is listening.
  11. Hitgirl

    Best Moments.

    Well I started playing because my husband asked me to. My two best memories from the game are both from cup battles(old style cup). The first was when our league was just starting out and we didn’t have super active members. My city was getting attacked by Cocidius and my league mate Offline said the hell with it and he charged it guns a blazing. Noodles showed up just after him. Can’t remember any of the other leagues in that map but that battle will always be remembered. Second, was when we met up with Godz & DemiGodz in cup. I got a wake up call from my hubby at 3 am saying we are going to finish this and that’s what we did. Great battle. In game name Hitgirl.
  12. Either way the ability to stop alts and shared accounts is within their abilities. More players should care and be concerned that there isn’t a rules section and terms of service visible to them. We have no way of knowing if we are breaking rules or in violation.
  13. Immel, ips are not the only way to track an account. They can put a stop to it but my guess they need the money they get from them. Cup and other aspects of the game are becoming irrelevant to me because of the alts, sister leagues, shareded accounts, & other issues I won’t bore you with.
  14. This would be a non-issue if there was a terms of service and rules section. NO ALTS or SISTER LEAGUE interaction and only one player per account should be a few of the rules addressed by Joycrafter immediately. No rules or tos makes this game unsavory.
  15. MkV, I think this is a good idea. I can’t speak for other leagues but Pasta is always looking for possible new players/recruits. We have a few different ways to test them out. I think in addition to the two maps that are in place for new players there should be another map for players with say under 700-800 hours of play(this may need to be adjusted). I think new players would fair much better having a middle map instead of being thrown into maps with senior players and leagues. Not to put a bad spin on things but it’s not always easy to try to help new players. Some don’t want to listen to advice and some players in the community are less than honest about how things work in the game. I mean you can explain it to them but you can’t make them understand. Not sure I’m helping but those are my thoughts.
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