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World Warfare
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Prize Introduction


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1. What is Prize?

Prize only applies in League Battle like a prize pool.

The more diamonds that participants consume in League Battle, the bigger the prize pool will be. By the end of the battle, all participants will share the Prize according to rankings.

2. Why do I get small Prize while my Personal Ranking is very high?

Prize will be distributed to participated Leagues according to Battle Ranking first, then each League will distribute its Prize to each member according to Personal Ranking in League. You may get small Prize because of your League’s low Battle Ranking or your low Ranking in League.

3. How to get bigger Prize?

If you want to increase your own Prize, you should not only improve your own Personal Ranking, but also cooperate with other members in battle to help your League improve Battle Ranking, which results in bigger Prize for your League and yourself.

If prize pool gets much bigger because of more diamond consumption, surely everyone gets bigger Prize.

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