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World Warfare
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Last Stand


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Since new design of medals was updated, we received lots of compliment!



"Love the new medals. They look amazing."



"New medals especially tournament medals are very beautiful with outstanding feature. Look forward to get them. Thanks to all effort of artists."


All League Members in Top 5 of S1 will be able to wear these shining tournament medals! It not only indicates your courage and sacrifice on the battlefield, but a great honor and glory belongs to your whole league.

The Last Round of S1 is looming ahead! Are you well prepared for the Last Stand? We will see you on the Battlefield commanders!

Let's take a look at the leader board for this round:

Silver Cup leaderboard







Bronze Cup leaderboard










Here are some great screenshots from Kahners25 and Mastercheifs:




Are you ready for the final stand?

See you on the battlefield, commander!

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Halo, I will make every effort. It will be the final battle with the top five corps. I'm ready. I hope my American friends also struggling to fight. I'm looking forward to the final battle.



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