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Found 6 results

  1. So I'm sure I'm not the first person to talk about this but I wouldn't be surprised as this forum doesn't seem to care about anything else then the mobile version. Just to be clear with my intents of this post, I am a veteran of the mobile game, I've been playing it for over 4 years and I used to play it religiously until the last minute of my battlefield. With that, when I saw a Steam release of the game back in April of 2018 I was overjoyed. Because finally one of my favorite games had been released on the platform that I play the most on(PC). So I launched it, played a few battlefields, met a few like minded people, and enjoyed the game where I could. While that definitely wasn't everywhere, a lot of the people I met had their first taste of the World Warfare game on this platform. On to me getting angry at the devs. World Warfare on Steam was a mediocre game. Extreme amount of glitches, textures butchered, descriptions either not finished or grammatically erred and vital gameplay mechanics that simply weren't there for a game this size to be enjoyable. The one props I will give them is the map. Unlike the mobile version where when you zoom out and all the land masses are just all connected and you can't tell anything apart, the steam version has a *better* version of that map which makes everything much easier to see where ports and rivers are. That's all though. Besides that everything else is out of whack. This post is titled sunsetting(aka giving up). In the steam announcement they put on their game page, the only reason it states is that: "These decisions are never easy but we simply could not find a sustainable path forward for this project and are left with no other choice at this time." That’s their justification for taking the game down. But if that’s the case, then just leave it. Because it’s not like they’ve done ANYTHING since it’s release. For those who don’t know or haven’t been following, the game came out on April 3rd 2018, from that point until now, the game has received a total of 3 updates all within 2 months of its release one on April 16th, one on April 25th, and the last on May 22nd. So there has been no updates for over 14 months since the last update. Nothing. So then I ask myself, why just now take it down? Were they waiting for a good time, was the player base slowly dwindling and they were just waiting for there to be 2 players per battlefield? Just like the mobile version, this game is free. Unlike the mobile version, this game is not pay to win. As in. there are no in app purchases. Which is one of the reasons I liked to play it over the mobile version to save myself from(get ready for a stereotype) Chinese gemmers taking me out in the first 20 minutes. It would be a waste of time and space to talk about the numerous gameplay changes and different mechanics from the mobile version that make this game so awesome and completely different. So, I leave you with this: To my fellow World Warfare players, new or old, if you have a computer and mouse, try it out at least once before they take it down. Create a free Steam account and download the 2Mb game. And if you like it, create a post on here like this one talking about how you would like to see this game evolve into something better and different. To the developers, don’t think that by taking the game down now you’ll be able to release it again in the future as a *remastered* version. The one thing I don’t like about your company is that you have no fan base outreach. Even your Steam community organizer isn’t very friendly. If you need to come back to the game in a year then do it, but don’t run away from your problems by taking it down now.
  2. Why am 8 experiencing missing cargo when I send weaponry etc from one city to another or from an lcs to a city. Lost 5 jets, 3 aa, 6 stugs last game and this game have lost 4 stugs, 3 motos and 3 aa, this 8snt the only times either just the latest ones...
  3. Devs, Using the Contact Us button, I told you of my lost character with this last update. Veronica told me that I needed to tie an id she gave me, I assume the id under the character portrait, with my Facebook or Game Center id and then she could move my character to this new account. I replied, “how do I do that?” That reply was 4 DAYS AGO?! I have since posted once a day asking for an update with no reply! I can only assume that the Contact Us button is programmed by the same people who programmed the chat system. Can any of you help?
  4. I play a lot of games and I have noticed a lot of sales techniques in games for packs... I hope some of these ideas get recognized in Worldwarfare . $.99 cent packs for armaments and packs ...up to $2.00 for high level armaments. Rebel tanks giving more substantial rewards... options include diamonds, gold, armaments. Rebel tanks can be colored during events to substantiate easy/ hard targets. More variety in $5.00 and $9.00 packs giving access to special armaments, commanders, league armaments.. and défensive equipment. More gold and diamonds being offered in packs in general. Any more ideas are great!! Leave a comment below.
  5. One thing I noticed as a recently is the Chinese leagues have a seemingly endless playtime which leads me to believe some account sharing is going on. As with other games I have played this is actually fairly common for them to do, and a completely BS tactic. I suggest you find a way to lock an account to specific device or find players with unrealistic playtimes and simply issues bans. 1 player on 1 account vs 4 players on 1 account, who's going to win? Certainly not the guy playing right and fair. May want to find a fix before you lose the dedicated fan base you have built in a wonderful game. Just my thoughts seeing as how I have watched other games that were amazing fall apart and would hate to be moving this game to my deleted list, I would also not rather not spend a $400+ in a single battlefield fighting enemies like this. Actually you can probably see my purchases where I have in the past. Just my .02
  6. A Letter to the Devs Thoughts in General: I'm just going to start this off by saying that I am definitely not the best player here and I have merely compiled a list of grievances and tried to show a list of solutions to the existing problems and hopefully help you guys pull the game back on track. I may be wrong in some aspects and players can feel free to criticize me all the want as it will most likely make this post more effective. Now onto the main body of this post. I have played this game for about 5-6 months (give or take a month) and I have watched the general progression of this game and I'm saddened to say that the trend is going down rather than up. The first update you guys did( Golden Empire) was pretty good I'll be honest and generally offered a very active gameplay for all people from newbies to the pros. Although that game mode had a couple flaws(i.e The tech Tree and a few misc items) it was playable by all players and was generally fun for the most part. Then we had the beta, I was extremely happy that you guys took up my advice to do beta but it quickly went downhill, the beta although fun and mainly not so glitched(given a few things, but that's expected from a beta) but it still baffled me why you guys decided to go back to the old map but I went with it thinking it will all be alright but I later figured out why(I will explain later on). The beta being as it was had most if not all bugs that I found most prominent in deterring players were fixed by the end of the beta but when I first joined my first battlefield I quickly saw all the bugs that had been fixed return to the game along with several other bugs that had never appeared. Naturally, I am pretty positive everyone agrees with me here, we were disappointed in the game that we got as the "released version" or the "final version" The grievances Ok now for the part you guys are probably reading this for. Now this is just a list that I was able to compile from all the talks I was able to get from players. I urge players to add to this list for the betterment of the game. Anyway here we go: First off this was a pointless addition to the game and I don't think it benefits the game in the way you were hoping for, that is the changes to the STUGS. Yes, I am very aware that some views on this might vary but I still thought this would be important to mention. The debuffs that were given to the STUGS, i.e The speed penalty without the compensation of a forced march and the extra troop space it takes is rather annoying and renders the STUGS pretty ineffective or annoying to care for. I find it ridiculous that you need 2 heavy transport planes to move 12 STUGS lv 1. Again this isn't a huge thing but I figured I would start off with the easy ones. Next up is the performance of the game. By the looks of this update and the structure and layout of the map it's an amazement that the game is struggling so much with performance. This current map is nothing special at all and in my opinion has less going on with it than the Golden Empire map, even so, the game seems to be struggling with the basic functions of the of the player interactions like zooming out, loading the map, etc. You guys said you will fix it but I am just putting it here in case the devs want to use this resource to fix the game(Highly Recommended!) The bugs are rampant in this version of the game which is a HUGE surprise considering most of the bugs we find now were clearly fixed by the end of the beta. I also figured yall understood the reason of a beta. You were supposed to FINISH coding then give us that version to beta test and find bugs in to optimize the version, the whole beta is kinda undermined if you keep toying with the code and changing stuff... Like seriously there are so many unwelcomed things in the finished version that would have been removed within days of the beta but you guys forgot that and went ahead with it... It still surprises me that that beta which looked very promising was essentially wasted.Anyway let's start on the list of bugs: Bug #1: Stuck troops! Guys... This was fixed mid beta and it's still here in the finished version... how is that even possible?! Please fix this. Bug #2: The League accepts War button is broken... So you kinda have to wait 1 hour even if you are ready to go to war. Bug #3: Well that was pretty much it according to what I was able to gather and you guys were able to fix a couple on the go so good job on that. There might be more that I am not aware of but if there are I hope the players will put them below. Ok, now a couple requests that players had when I asked them. There are probably more but hey this will start you off in the right direction: More resource zone! - I agree there is a lack of resource zones in the areas and if you spawn in the same area of your league which is highly likely, then you have to FIGHT YOUR OWN TEAM MEMBERS for important early game resources and since you cannot share resource zones with other team members it gets in the way of one person's progression. An escort button - Simply a button for scouts,jets, and fighters to be able to "escort" your transport planes essentially matching the speed of the transports and prioritize damage towards themselves so if a turret would be shooting your transport and you have a fighter escorting it the fighter will take the turret damage rather than the transport. Kill/Dismiss units outside the barracks button - This is to mainly avoid stranded troops that get either glitched in an area of the map or the ones that get stuck on a mini Island like shown in the image attached. You could have a timer associated with it so people don't abuse it but it needs to be a feature. Letter Continued: The last request I have is to revert your tier 5-6 tactics to the old ones. COME ON! first you guys mess with the artillery support now the Suicidal charger?! I get you guys made charge the way it is because you were afraid of people killing allied troops that way but now that we can pick our own allies why not leave that responsiblilty to us?! People that pull those antics will not have any allies then the problem is essentially solved. To fix one thing you guys screwed with the whole tactic essentially rendering it useless even for league use! Summary: I think this game has a great future and really believe that it has the potential to become an amazing game.That being said it needs a lot of work. You guys have gotten some things right, for instance, the new targeting feature, everyone is a fan of it and I think you guys hit the nail right on the head with that one. One aspect of the Game that currently worries me is the player base and the inability for the game to compensate the little people and the newbies. The whole factionless system although fun to play and be a part of is very hazardous for new players with not as great or active members. With the current system, it will be a reoccurring theme that the same few leagues and alliances win and that really damages the morale of new players. Although I do enjoy the pvp style of the game I really think you should have left a bit of tactical gameplay element in the game. Not all players are pvpers some find it fun to play the objective and I feel they should be rewarded for their style of playing. I personally think you should have done all your updates on the Golden Empire Map and I truely believe that it would have been a great game if you did. Anyway, remember how I said I know why you guys went back to old map? I think it was out of lazyness, I think you guys reused old code from the earliest form of the game. I say that because many of those old glitches can be seen now for example artillery and anti-tank guns will fired even before setting up and more things of that nature. Anyway, I basically said all that I wanted to say. I truely hope you guys( I.e THE DEVS) found this letter useful and pretty self explainitory. I would also urge fellow players to add to this list, this is our game as much it is theirs so take it into your hands and suggest away. Anyway I will stop my rambling but I do hope this was helpful and that I did cover most things. Thank you, ~Waffles
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